July 20, 2009

Silly Me

The blessing of the Lord rains down on me now! You know why? Because it's only in the 70s right now! And, it's only supposed to get to 91 degrees at the hottest- like for the whole week! And, we're supposed to get rain for three days. And, we're moving this week so it won't be so horribly hot!

I'm in a rather goofy mood and am thinking of videoing parts of my day today. My house is a WRECK, and I don't care! I don't care because it doesn't matter anyways- I have to pack it up so it's not gonna get any better no matter what I do, which I means I don't have to clean house this week. I do want to clean the new house, and if everything goes to plan that is what I will do after closing Wednesday. Then I get to start moving, and if I remember, maybe I'll video some of that too.

I have officially started the 9th month today. I am also officially a grumpy complaining pregnant woman. But, I'm trying not to be. Just when the pain is bothering me a lot...

Anyways, I'll likely pop back on here later...need to go get dressed!

Well, no videos, but I'll post a picture. Yes I have grown, or rather the baby has. Everything is down low which is probably why my bones hurt!


Mary said...

My, just looking at you makes my bones ache. I'll just call you WonderWoman for the next few weeks!

liz from new york said...

just remember you are allowed to be grouchy,and silly,gotta love those pregnancy hormones...funny how we get a pass when were pregnant, but never any other time....anyway, you look gorgeous..let everyone help you, you should be sitting down so your legs dont swell!