November 29, 2007

Never say Never

Well, remember how I said that if you say you'll never do something, you most assuredly will? It has happened to me again.

I said I would never drive a minivan- look at what I'm driving now.
We traded in our 2003 Tahoe (that we bought used in 2005) for a used 2007 Chevorlet Uplander. We were thinking of other ways to cut some costs, and we started looking around at some vehicles that are easier on gas. A friend of ours works at the nearby Chevorlet house, and showed us this van on Saturday. We prayed that if we were supposed to get it, that things would work out like we wanted, and if not, we would keep looking .

We went back up there on Tuesday and got it for exactly what we wanted, and ended up with a newer car and a smaller monthly payment, plus better gas mileage. " A blessing! A blessing from the Lord! God be praised!' (sorry, little random quote from Monty Python there)

One big plus with this vehicle is that it comes with a built in DVD player, the doors open with the touch of a button, the seats are part leather, part cloth (no sizzling or freezing skin upon sitting down) and, we can separate the kids so they aren't in one row up against each other. (this means less fighting)

I still kind of miss my Tahoe, it was great, but this is better for us and I am very thankful. And yes, ours is white too. Oh, and now I can actually park under our car port- whoo hoo!

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Sarah said...

We have a Chevrolet suburban and my husband loves it! We had a Chrysler town and country (fully loaded) and traded it in on the suburban. I was a bit sad to say goodbye to my minivan- I loved it! My husband has always loved SUVs and I highly doubt he'll ever go back to a minivan- unless we end up buying a second vehicle. Which we hope to do this coming spring. Congrats on your new buy! It sounds really nice!