November 26, 2007

After holiday sicknesses

It comes as no surprise that one of my children has a fever today. After being with so many different people in different places for several days, being cooped up because of the rain, and eating too many sweets, little Lexer (our nickname for Alexa) is ill.

She's been laying on the couch all day, very lethargic with a 104 temp. I have given motrin twice, but I've tried giving her a bath, getting her to drink vitamin C and some other herbal teas (no luck, she won't drink). She did eat a good breakfast this morning, so I guess that's carrying her through.

I did something I never dreamed I'd do- I put egg whites on her feet. Yes you read that right. I went to my favorite health info place and several people said raw egg whites on the feet broke their child's fever. Well, I will try it again tonight before bed, but it didn't do much this afternoon. I may also try a vinegar-epsom salt bath- 1 c vinegar and 1/2 c epsom salts are supposed to bring the fever down. We'll see.

Hopefully I can get some homemade turkey stock with lots of garlic in her tonight.

I also made some sage tea out of some leftover fresh sage leaves- supposedly this helps the 'faucet nose'. I've given this to Leiah twice today and it seems better. I'll keep going with it. Yea for herbs!

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Anonymous said...

I had to laugh when I read about the raw eggs!!! My son had a fever for 3 days and that's what I finally resorted to. I dipped his feet in the raw eggs, slipped a plastic bag over them and then put a sock on top. He slept that way. In the morning, his temperature dropped almost to normal!!! Sorry to hear everyone is sick. Hope they are feeling better soon!!