November 5, 2007


I've been decluttering! It seems Monday is a decluttering day- I guess I get some rest on Sundays and feel like 'getting' after it' on Monday. After the party on Saturday, which almost everyone I invited actually came- my house was full- we had 12 kids 6 and under !!!!!!!- I realized we had too many toys that were accessible. So, I put most of the larger- all-in-one- piece toys in a medium size basket in the living room, along with the pillows and book caddy, and Sarah's playpen has a few toys. I moved the white toy box into Sarah's room with other toys we can rotate, and to keep them from getting into it I put their Little People doll house and barn on top with all the furniture/animals in a small basket. The hallway that I cleaned out houses the kitchen set, the dishes/food, the doll furniture and some balls.

I bought two containers to put all the blocks and dress up jewelry in, and put them up in a closet. Now I need to re-organize the games and table activities. (play-doh, potato head set, puzzles etc.) They will go into the hallway cabinets I showed in my Palace Post.

I have a box of random, broken toys to throw away and ended up with an empty lidded container, so I quickly went through their clothes and packed away out of season items and duplicates that we had too many of. I plan to condense it more, but our weather is so unpredictable I need to have things warm and cold weather available. Grrr!

So, I am still battling this sinus crud, as well as my children and husband. What is the deal? Did some evil scientist let out some type of lingering virus that mimics allergies or something?? My dh and I have decided to go on a raw food diet this week, supplemented with some homemade chicken stock, maybe some eggs, and kombucha. (I got a rather tasty batch out of my last brew)There will plenty of garlic going on too. Tonight I will run up to the store and get our 'supplies'. The Holy Spirit has been putting this on my heart, so I better listen.

I may start the Thanksgiving posts later today, if not, I will get to it this week for sure. Stay tuned!

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