November 26, 2007

An Honest picture of Me

Well, I've been having a sort of discussion with another blogger, Stephanie.

Anyways, her latest post got me to thinking that I may be misleading you all regarding myself. I know none of you have ever met me and probably never will, but still, I'm all about being real with people- I don't lie or live a lie.

First off, I love Jesus- I always have, for as long as I can remember I've desired to live for and serve Him. He gave me wisdom and maturity at an early age and my desire for His Word and witness to others grew. Never once has it crossed my mind to go in another path, or follow someone/something else. Never was there a desire to rebel and do bad things.

I have always been 'left out' because of this. No other girls my age were like this. I did have friends in school, but none with a deep conviction- I was a floater from one group of people to another- I guess I was everyone's friend. I related better with adults, though I loved children.

I played with dolls and barbies until I was... ahem... 13? I loved dirt and animals and bugs, but loved all things feminine too. In highschool, once I switched to a Christian school, I was excellent in volleyball, so-so in basketball, and I did track. I cannot run well, but I could sure hurl that discus and shot-put. I am big. I am 5'9 and over 200lbs- always have been.

I started learning about health and nutrition about 6 months after I married. It's become a passion, though I've not always stayed on track with it. I am a firm believe in taking charge of your own destiny, and relying on doctors and over the counter medications is not being in control. My goal is preventavive- be healthy and prepared, not wait till your sick to do something about. We're still working on this area.

I am a pleaser personality. I don't like for people to be mad at me or dislike me. I tend to like to impress people with my abilities- whether I realize it or not, I do. I am working on this too. Being number 1 is not the end all, be all of life. We all need and enjoy praise, but we need to be secure in who we are in Christ most.

I love heavy rock music. I am currently listening to a band called Disciple and they are amazing- like a revival in a CD! My husband was in a rock band and our whole house would vibrate when they practiced. I also love Celtic and classical music and various other things too- however rock wins out above all.

I have a weird sense of humor. I love movies like Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Dumb and Dumber, Ace Ventura, Young Frankenstein, you get the idea. On a more serious side my favorites are The Sin Eater, The Matrix and Lord of the Rings. We are quite silly around here though- the current favorite is Nacho Libre...for reals :)

I have read Created to Be His Helpmeet and Fascinating Womanhood. I am doing my best to be a loving submissive wife to my dear husband. AFter a few years of practice, the old feminist still tries to rear her ugly head up at times, and I have to 'beat her back into submission' with the Word of God. It can be a struggle too- the flesh wants what it wants- the spirit is willing though.

I have had three c-sections and a d&c. With my first child, I knew absolutely nothing about childbirth and would not even consider doing it completely natural. She ended up being a special case anyways and we had an emergency c-section. When I got pregnant three months after that, I still didn't know anything and had another surgery. Now I'm pretty much doomed to c-sections forever.

I tried breastfeeding my children. I pumped for a month for Miss Leiah, and had I known then what I know now, I would have kept it up. I tried with my other two, but the pain from surgery was too much along with the pain from nursing. All my kids are formula fed. I started cloth diapering with my older two were 21 months and 9 months old. I've been doing it off and on up till now. I have used birth control- pills in the beginning, the patch, none, the IUD, and now back to other methods. We wanted a big family, but with the special one and c-sections, we aren't sure about that anymore. We enjoy being married a lot, which is why we've had so many babies so fast :)

I wear dresses/skirts about 3-4 times a week now. Some days I just don't feel like it and wear black stretch pants and a bright blue fitted tee or blue jeans and a nice blouse. I wear flip flops year round. I have had very long hair and had it chopped several times. I've dyed it as well.

I used to LOVE reading for fun, but now I feel it's sort of a waste of time, so I focus more on reading things that will help me be a better wife, mother, homemaker etc.

I am a republican and very conservative in my political views- that's all I want to say about that.
I live in town, in a very small town, on a quiet street. I dream of living on a farm with a big old timey farmhouse, gardening, canning, caring for animals, making quilts etc. Maybe someday :)

We watch TV- yes I allow my children to watch TV more than others, but I don't care. At this point in my life, I have to have some help from somewhere. I am trying to get my children used to playing and learning more than watching TV, and honestly, they watch Baby Einstein, Wiggles, Barney, Little Bear and Richard Scarry. How's that for brainwashing?? This is an area we are working on. They are all so little and limited and there are several of them- Alexa is the only one really capable of helping me without making more work. I have massive amounts of laundry, dishes and food to work on each week. (trying to save money you know, makes more work for me) I am trying to teach my girls how to help me more and take responsibility and to obey, but things have been very crazy with guests and holidays- we're working on it.

I do sew, but I don't have a lot of time for it. I make what I can when it will save us money. Mostly I buy at resale shops or people just give things to us- thank you Lord. Wal-Mart comes in handy too. I like to entertain and be a host, but it sure is a lot of work, and I've done way more of it these past few months than I intended.
I love to travel and have been blessed to have visited New York City, Pennsylvania Amish country, Seattle, Jamaica, Mexico, Grand Caymen, England, Holland and Paris. Also upper Michigan- where my dh is from.

And now I'm taking too much time on this post. I'm not the pious little Christian homemaker that does everything perfect. I whine and complain sometimes. I get angry and yell at my girls sometimes. I make wrong decisions and worry too much or spend too much. I am real and make mistakes.

But I know where I'm going and Whom I serve- that is my goal. " Pressing on to win the prize..."


Anonymous said...

I'm a reader of your blog, and I have never once thought you to be anything but open and honest. In the past, you've always given a "true" picture, I think. When you've messed up you admit it and say that whatever it is needs to be worked on. You come across as very sincere and not pious.

Mama said...

why is everyone so worried about fitting in or not into the mold:)Surely we all have better things to do than care about what people think? I too like to keep it real:)

Anonymous said...

Your sweet! I also have been a reader here at your lovlely site and feel the same.

Okay the truth be known...LOL!!! I also allow my children to watch TV- limited but like you it does help from time to time especially if it will avoid any unecesary accident because mommy really had to start dinner and leave the living room for a minute!!! LOL!!

I applaud you for being real and for stating what you have about youre life, it's real and it's like many, many of us who love jesus and are walking with him daily and serving as a wife and mommy! it's the noblest of jobs indeed! =)

God bless you richly dear sister! =)

Laura said...

Thanks for letting us see the "real" you, though you are very open always in your blog.

Rachel said...

Hmm, funny, I never thought of you as anything but real. We are all human. We all make poor choices but it doesn't make us a bad people. I'm am generally an optimist. So much so that my children ask me if I was always this happy even as a child. like you, I never rebeled and never dreamed of doing anything BAD. I had good friends and we had a good time without doing wrong. I try to write about the highlights on my blog and most just happen to be good. I just tend to see the good in things. I feel people want to read good things and not bad or complaining things all the time. Trust me, I read some and geeze.. it's no wonder their life is so off .. always complaining and angry... I guess they use their blog to vent.. I'd rather take the happy route :)

Ashley said...

Have you ever looked at Shonda Parker has an herb course you can buy and do at home. It is exspensive, but I am doing it (I'm only on the first chapter :) and it is really nice. It has recipes and it teaches you about using herbs. I would recommend Shonda Parkers books too.