November 7, 2007

Updates and Stuff

Well, I caved :) But here is why- yesterday one of my 'side effects' or detox symptoms was excessive sleepiness and lethargy. I could not keep my eyes open! Even while driving- not a good thing. So I ate some chicken soup, which was mostly broth, and that didn't help much so I ate some nuts and horrors- a few chocolate chips-AHHH!! It helped me though. I felt like I was in a fog all day!

Today I went to MOPS and did eat some of the regular food since there wasn't any fruit I liked. (I don't do melons) But, this afternoon I will stick with my plan. I have a large pot of chicken stock going so I will have that to supplement the fruit and veggies. I've been doing better health wise, although I do have a mild headache at the moment. I may try to get on my exercise bike for a little while and see what that does for me :) Tomorrow I am going to have the IUD removed, and I pray that a lot of my health concerns go away with it :) Hopefully some extra pounds too...

What else is on my mind? Thanksgiving! I'm really excited about it this year because we're having it at my house with Matt's parents and brother's family, so it will be small and cozy. Usually we have it with my relatives and there's just so many people and so much food crammed into one house that it's not that fun. I have never cooked a turkey, so that should be interesting. I am planning to make sausage apple stuffing, with regular bread and not cornbread. (here in the south we all make 'dressing' which is made from cornbread) My husband is from the north and they prefer stuffing. I also make Jamaican cranberry sauce every year, which I love, and will post the recipe soon. My father-in-law loves pecans and since we have a huge pecan tree in our backyard I am planning to make a pecan cheesecake (pie is too sweet) and a pumpkin pie. I haven't figured out what else to make yet- I still have time to think it over :)

I am hoping to get the next installment of Thanksgiving history up sometime today...we'll see.

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Anonymous said...

That's how you do keep getting back on every time you fall off and next thing you know you're not falling off quite as thing you're not falling off at all!

We're having Thanksgiving at our house this year too. I'm excited.