November 25, 2007

Taking a Deep Breath

Ahh, finally a breath!

Well, we've had a busy few days. A massive cold front came in Wednesday afternoon and literally blew my in-laws in, LOL. Thursday we went to my family's gathering at my mom's- kids played and ate to their heart's content. Friday morning began my own Thanksgiving preparations. Wow!

First my turkey wasn't cooking fast enough- not sure if it was my oven or what, but in the end it turned out wonderful. (sage butter on the skin is a must- way to go Tyler Florence) I had homemade rolls and stuffing to bake also, but had to wait for that turkey because my oven isn't big enough for everything. On top of that, my husband and father-in-law were in the kitchen replacing some pipes under the sink for a couple of hours, so I had work around them or stay out.

Our dinner was two hours late, but we had presents to open (early Christmas from grandparents) and the men put up Christmas lights on the house. All went well. Today dh's parents left to visit their youngest son for a few days and we're back to 'normal'- sort of :)

So, what's on my mind now?? Christmas of course :) However, we are downsizing majorly this time around. I want to create family traditions more and focus on the fun of getting ready for Christmas. I will be spending some time looking for fun crafts etc. for me and the girls to do. We plan to wait awhile to get our tree this year- those things get dried out by the time Christmas rolls around if we get one now.

Also, I'm working on being more frugal. We are trying to get a vehicle with better gas mileage right now, and I will be working one the grocery budget etc. Christmas on a dime?? We'll see...

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