November 15, 2007

What I've been up to

Lots! I've been online a lot getting information about homeschooling with special needs. It's interesting that the family members that were previously opposed to homeschooling her are now all for it :)

However, I need more than ever to organize and simplify- working on that.

I've also been sewing! Flannel nightgowns and robes for all the girls:

I have Alexa's done on the left- the patchwork pattern is the robe (still needs the ribbon tie) and the yellow is the gown, which till needs a button. Leiah's is the mint green gown which still needs the white flower buttons in the middle of the bodice and the lace trim at the hem, and the material behind it will be the robe. Sarah's will be the pink with the flower trim- no robe for her. Here are some more close ups:

Also, I am planning to get more of the Thanksgiving History up soon especially since it's getting closer to the big day.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I finally decided the menu plan. I've never cooked a turkey before, so I plan to get a smaller one. Hopefully I will still have plenty of leftovers to freeze and make stock.
So here it is:

Sundholm Thanksgiving Menu 2007 (yes that's our last name, think Swedish)

Turkey- duh!
Sausage apple stuffing (Southerners usually use corbread, I'm using regular bread)
Broccoli Bacon salad(de-lish, will try to post the recipe)
Mashed potatoes
Jamaican Cranberry sauce
Pecan Shortbread bars (we have millions of pecans in our yard!)
Pumpkin Pie (because I love it)

Jamaican Cranberry Sauce

*Note: nothing is measured exactly here, you know me :)

2 bags fresh cranberries
2 sticks of cinnamon
1 inch fresh ginger, grated or finely chopped
juice of two oranges
1/2 cup of brown sugar
1/4 t allspice

Combine all ingredients in larger saucepan. Add enough water to cover and simmer for about 30 minutes until berries 'pop' and the sauce thickens. Let cool and refrigerate, or serve warm. It's wonderful with turkey and ham. You may want to adjust the spices and sugar- I usually tweak it with more, but I start with those amounts to be safe. Easy!


Laura said...

I made a turkey once upon a time, just to see if I could... and really, it was very easy. And, it took a LOT less time than I thought it would... good luck with yours!

BTW, I'm one of those southerners who LOVES cornbread stuffing - to this day, I can't eat it any other way, LOL!

Sarah said...

Love the nightgowns! I don't have any girls so I can't make pretty things. =( Oh well, maybe someday. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Would love to see your broccoli salad recipe posted! I usually make spinach souffle for the "green thing" in my Thanksgiving meal... but we're tired of it. Hubby suggested something "salad-y". I think broccoli salad would make a good addition!

HomeschoolingMomto3 said...

I love the nightgowns! I make my dd flannel nightgowns, too out of the cutest fabric. The white background with pastel hearts that is in the background of one your pics--I made one out of that same fabric! They are so warm and snuggly!