November 17, 2007

I want to put more of the Thanksgiving history up, but it's getting late.

I don't know if anyone is really that moved by the writings I've put on this blog, but I want people to know what the Pilgrims sacrificed and went through to start this country. They had such a vision from the Lord, and laid their lives on the line to see it happen. How many people would be willing to do that today, especially if they knew that someday their toil and hardwork wouldn't be allowed to be read in the public schools? I can assure you they were most thankful that first Thanksgiving, and while most of us have never been in those circumstances, I can imagine how grateful they were.

I hate that America just glosses over Thanksgiving going right into Christmas. It always feels wrong to me when a place is decorated for Christmas in early November. I absolutely love Christmas and getting ready for it, but we have the whole month of December- let's teach our children the value of giving thanks.

We are so wonderfully blessed to be Americans and I want everyone to understand that. So, sorry if the orginal writings of William Bradford are boring- but it's important and valuable to know.


Anonymous said...

NOT boring at all! Been enjoying your writings about Thanksgiving... my personal favorite "un-ruined" holiday.
I noticed several neighbors here already have their outdoor Christmas decorations up ~ and Halloween decorations take up MUCH more room in the stores than the Thanksgiving ones. Sad.

Val said...

"I hate that America just glosses over Thanksgiving going right into Christmas."
I agree! If it weren't for the Pilgrims and their sacrifices, we might not be free to celebrate Christmas the way we like. Thanksgiving is an extremely important holiday I think-and I don't find Bradford's writings boring at all. Thanks for sharing :D

Whitney B. said...

I just checked your blog and I wanted to let you know that I am very interested and I thank you so very much for posting all this information. Unfortunately I have been unable to sit down and read it all. I read the first one but that has been all so far. I think it is great information that needs to be shared. Even if you think that no one is looking I am sure that someone is. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I love the Thanksgiving posts and plan to print them out to share and discuss with family when they get here Wednesday!

Sorry....been a little hectic around here but I used your garlic/raw vinegar/honey concoction last week and it helped fight a cold!

BRAVO to you for your fabulous blog!!!!

Anneatheart said...

I'm glad yall aren't bored with it- I tried to keep it semi-short so as not to overwhelm.

Atomic Momma- so glad the home remedy worked! yea!! How neat that you are using the writings on Thanksgiving Day- I'm glad I've taken the time to put them on the blog.

Rachel said...

I enjoy them too. I have been to the Pilgrim village in Mass... what an eye opener. I use to imagine Tgiving as a glorious celebration.. much like today - you know.. all the fancy with it. NOT! We really should take time out to truly give thanks... :)