January 28, 2008

Breakfast help

I'm back again.

Today we went to have a speech evaluation done with Leiah, then a little shopping at Target, which I hardly ever go to, then we ate at Long John Silvers...I think I've only eaten there maybe twice in my life?? It was good.

So, I'm back home now, the girls are resting, I should be, the house is rather a wreck despite the fact that I cleaned it up last night. Anyways, you've heard of 'writer's block'? Well, I think I have 'breakfast block'. Every morning it's like my brain has been wiped clean of what to make for breakfast. I think mostly I'm just getting tired of the same things. We typically eat scrambled eggs, toast and some kind of meat twice a week, sometimes in the form of burritos, we eat oatmeal, rice, baked oatmeal which lasts two breakfasts, pancakes and on Saturday I try to make something different. Last night I made banana bread and we ate that with eggs and turkey bacon today. Sunday we ate soaked oatmeal with honey and cream, boiled eggs, toast (store bought bread) with jam and some bananas.

Lately though, I'm just out of ideas. It has to be healthy and fairly easy, and cheap would be good too :)

Any ideas? Rarely ever do we eat cold cereal and for awhile I made granola, but the oats need to be soaked first, and that's just another step. I did make some ham/cheese bagels and froze them back in the fall, which worked well, just haven't done it again since we ate them all.

My brain is quite foggy right now...I drank a little coke at the eating place and am sleepy from our weekend, so I'll stop before I type something silly :)


Sarah said...

No help here- my kiddos usually cold cereal or if their really lucky baked oatmeal. Nothing too exciting here. I'm not a breakfast person so maybe that's why I've never really tried to make exciting breakfasts. I'll even admit that I rarely even eat breakfast and if I do I'll just have some vanilla yogurt with fruit and granola on top. See, nothing exciting... =) Your breakfast meals sound yummy though.

Cheryl said...

How did the speech eval go??

MAMA said...

We eat a homemade cereal made with:
uncooked oats
sunflower seeds
all mixed together and drenched in milk! Very delicious and nutricious. The milk turns purple from the blueberries. (I buy it frozen)