January 12, 2008

In My Kitchen Day 3

What a busy day! I've been doing extra cooking, painting the walls of a room, cutting out fabric for dresses and rearranging toys and stuff. I haven't really had time to get the pictures up till now.

So, today we sort of slept in, or at least didn't get up till almost 7:30. Yeah, that is sleeping in at this house :( I didn't have anything planned for breakfast, which isn't a good thing, but I flipped through one of my favorite cook books, and decided to make cinnamon roll biscuits. I've never made them before and usually on Saturday is when I make us something special for breakfast.

I got my wonderful kitchen aid mixer out, what a blessing, and put the dry ingredients in. Then I dropped in the cold butter cubes.
After the dough was ready I rolled it into something like a rectangle, buttered it and sprinkled sucanat (Evaporated cane juice) and cinnamon on liberally.
Next you roll it up in a log and start slicing. I wanted to get them all in one pan so I packed them in. I still didn't get them all in one pan though. (oh, and I used Bob's Red Mill whole wheat pastry flour)
I popped them into the oven and started making scrambled eggs.
Then I made a glaze for the cinnamon rolls. I melted 1 T butter, added 1 cup of powdered sugar, 4-5t milk and a drop of vanilla extract. Like I said, a special treat :) The biscuits are done and ready to be 'glazed'.
And that was breakfast. My husband took the older two girls with him to run some errands, so it was just me and Sarah for lunch. She ate some Gerber graduates things and I had leftover stew, which by the way was great! It came out sooo good- the deer meat didn't taste 'gamey' at all. Dee-lish! However the trash was stinking up the house, so after taking it outside I started some simmering potpourri- orange peel, cinnamon sticks and ground cloves.

This afternoon, around 3:30-4pm I started a new batch of kefir. Last time I put less grains in and it took about 30hrs, so I wanted to time it to where it would be ready tomorrow night.
I put approximately 2 cups of milk into my honey jar, then about 2T grains.

Then I put the kefir in the cupboard to do it's thing- this is where it lives.

Next I made some raspberry bars for our church potluck tomorrow. They are so good and so easy to make. To view the recipe, go here.
All ready for the oven!

For supper tonight we are having salmon patties and pasta salad. I was going to make oven fries, but I was getting tired and didn't feel like peeling potatoes. I tried the oven browning method again. I don't like salmon patty mixture in a loaf pan, but I don't like having to stand at the skillet cooking the patties and turning them. So, I oiled up the sheet pan with olive oil, put all the patties on it, then topped each one with a bit of butter.

After about 20 minutes on one side I cranked up the heat to 425 and turned them to the other side for about 15 minutes. They came out great!

I started the pasta salad while they cooled off- chopped celery and red onion, sliced grape tomatoes, canned white beans, Italian dressing and macaroni.
Well, that's the end of day 3. I will not be doing anymore tomorrow, and I will probably do just one more day next week so I can show how I make yogurt and kombucha. As you can see, I do cook a lot of different things, but much of our food is still pretty 'normal'. I'm not perfectly strict about our diet- I can't be! I can't keep track of it all the time.

One more thing, this is what our sunset looked like tonight- so pretty!


Anonymous said...

I make raspberry bars that are very similar -- instead of the raspberry jam, I use a triple fruit spread of raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries. You're right, they always get rave reviews, and are so easy! I enjoy your posts, thank you!

Thirdtimemomma said...

Yum-O Again! I need that Cinamon roll recipie! I try to make some thing special on Sunday since Dad likes to make pancakes on saturday. :)

michelle said...

How did those cinnamon 'rolls' turn out?? i always want to make yeast ones more often but I just can't get up hours before i want them baked to do so...plus..they just aren't as yummy when you slow the rising by putting in the fridge overnight.

Your cinnamon biscuits look fantastic though... would love to hear the recipe.