January 21, 2008

My Monday

Today I didn't have much planned, but a lot happened.

7am, I've been awake for a few minutes (I always sleep thru dh's alarm) and can't believe that it's already morning- and I went to bed before 10pm!

I got up, got dressed, tidied the bedroom, took the laundry hamper to the laundry room, then went to the kitchen. I tidied a few things in there, then started frying eggs for my hubby, and started water boiling for cornmeal 'mush'- an experiment. Next I started the coffeepot :)

The children were getting pretty loud so we let them come out,LOL. Hubby got his lunch together, ate his breakfast, and while he got the rest of his things together (he really needs a 'man purse' hahaha!) I made him some coffee in a thermos and off he went to work.

The girls and I had a fried egg, cornmeal cereal with sugar and milk, and banana bread muffins and milk.
I sat in the recliner with my coffee for a few minutes to collect my thoughts about how our day should go. Then I started cleaning up the kitchen and doing dishes while the girls watched Little Bear.
I started the laundry and started a large pot of chicken stock.
Get the girlies dressed, room tidied and beds arranged, then did hair and teeth, then started school. It's now after 9:30 am. Next I make a phone call to the speech therapist to get Leiah's appointments set up.

We did Brain Gym, numbers and shapes on the chalkboard, then Sarah was getting very fussy, so I took her to the living room, put her in the playpen and let her watch Baby Einstein and play with toys. Then we did flash cards with sight words and ABC ones. I got a phone call, so afterwards we moved to the couch for reading while they snacked on some fruit loops. I got another phone call, but couldn't cut it short (important) then it was getting to be lunch time.

The girls had some free play time while I worked on lunch. I never have a plan for lunch and so I was thinking grilled cheese sandwiches, and then I realized I had hot chicken broth on the stove, crushed tomatoes in the cupboard, and half and half in the fridge- DUH, make tomato soup! It was yummy- we ate it with the sandwiches, they got some apple juice and I drank water. I got my sourdough starter out, fed it, then washed it's container good, then put it back in it's 'home', then back in the fridge.

My cousin comes over on her lunch break a few times a week, so she arrived and I fed her hot soup and a sandwich and visited awhile. Then it was time for naps. We had several discipline issues today, which I attribute to the busy-ness of the weekend and being around other children that are unruly at church.

Anyhoo, while they napped I did some menu planning and reading online, then I went to the kitchen. This is where the unexpected part comes- I did a lot of cooking in there! I took the chicken out of the pot to let it cool so I could pick it off the bones. Then I chopped up some veggies and got them cooking in some butter. Next I heated some water in another pot to cook some quinoa (keen-wah) for a recipe I had seen last week. I did some dishes, made some iced tea, thickened the veggie sauce I had going and added the chicken, then poured it in a casserole. I made up some dumpling 'dough' and dropped it on top to bake for dinner.

Hubby called to say he wasn't feeling well and was on his way home. Leiah and Sarah woke up (Alexa had been awake for awhile) and they had snacks of homemade chocolate chip cookies and bananas. Matt came home and rested while they girls watched Snow White and I folded clothes. I made the batter for the quinoa and decided to put it in a loaf pan instead of a muffin tin and put it in the oven. I heated a fried egg in the microwave left from breakfast, chopped some lettuce and tomatoes and added that to some leftover salad. Then I cut two sort of thick slices of stale bread, then cut it into cubes. I heated some olive oil in a skillet, added the bread cubes, then sprinkled salt, garlic powder and dried thyme on top. I stirred and toasted the bread till dry in the pan and lightly browned. After it cooled I added it to the salad with a good grating of romano cheese (marked down at the store last week)

We ate dinner, then started the clean up process and my quinoa loaf finished baking. Dh gave the girls baths because my hands were chapped and red from being in hot water so much today and while he did that I cleaned the living and play rooms, then rearranged the girls bedroom, again...

We get them in pjs, play a bit, take vitamins, drink of water, off to bed. I heat some milk to make some yogurt, and now I'm blogging. After the milk cools I will add yogurt from the previous batch and let it sit overnight. I have a good batch of kombucha going- it's on the sweet side so I'm letting it sit at room temp tightly closed so it develops carbonation like coke. I don't usually do this because it can get more sour, but since it's on the sweeter side it should be pretty good tomorrow. (just tasted it- good, but a bit sweet) I still have two loads of laundry to be folded and put away, but it's mine and hubby's clothes and many of them need to go in the closet as they aren't 'foldable'.

What's next? Sewing! Last Thursday I had planned to sew all afternoon, well, when I sat down to my machine, the thread kept tangling up, so as I was checking it out a big fat black spider crawls out!!!!!!!!! I literally felt a shock wave go through my body- wow was it nasty looking, no wonder my thread was getting tangled. I went to get something to kill it with and of course it was gone when I came back. I poked around a bit with some scissors, no spider. No way was I going to sit there and sew now. I made dh take it apart Friday-no spider, and he just got it put back together yesterday evening. Leiah's dress is barely started!

I hope to go to bed early so I can get up earlier-we'll see...


*MichiganMomma* said...

Ok, the black spider thing.....gross....creepy....I just get itchy sitting here at the desk.....ewwwwww!!

Sounds like you had a great productive day. I really enjoy it when I have days like that - although I must admit, when I have a terrific day like that, I am super worn out the next day and end up just doing the basics the next day. Oh well, sooner or later my babies will be big enough to be of more help than they are messy! (here's hopin')

Good for you~
God Bless

Shannon said...

Great quote on the top of your blog- I have been enjoying reading all the blogs I follow links to from Candy's! Have a blessed day!

prayzgod said...

Hmmm, big and black... Thinking of your nick of the woods, - sounds like a female jumping spider.

We're still batteling the Brown Recluses around here. I have one on the ceiling in the living room that I can't easily get to, but I'm really not trying very hard.

There was a large one in the kitchen, but it got away. Hubby killed a grown, but emaciated male in the kid's bathroom tonight.

The good news is, the BRs are starving! However, spring approaches, and soon there will be food for them again. Hopefully they'll all starve before then.

BTW, I feed and cleaned my sourdough container yesterday as well. I try to clean the container twice a week, and I feed my starter several times a week, since I use so much of it.

PS - Jumping spiders are the good guys, but they can get agressive - their bite is harmless, but they can get annoying. We let them stay, if they stay out of our way. The ones that get in our way, likes yours did, get promptly picked up and put outside in the front lawn.

Do you get HUGE (BIG!) Daddy Long Legs out there? We do... I'm talking as big as my hand! The first time I saw one, I about fainted. I love them though, and leave them in the house, to be natural preditors of the BRs. :-P

(You should have seen mom's face when she first saw one... priceless)

MAMA said...

wow busy day! a day or two liek that and I start feeling burnout!:) hope that doesn't happen to you!