January 13, 2008


Tomorrow is already Monday again! I am not planning to do another picture day of the happenings of our kitchen, I will do it on Tuesday when I make yogurt and kombucha. I need to wash all the bedding in our house (it's been two weeks!) and the kitchen needs a good all over scrubbing-I'm talking floor to ceiling!

I just ordered some exercise videos from The Firm- a combo whole body workout and one that I'm really excited about "Jiggle Free Abs". If it weren't offensive, I would take a before picture and post it- I think I could win on jiggly abs,LOL!! 4 babies in three years, man! (our third was a miscarriage) It would be so cool if I acutally had a firm belly. Anyways, I've heard these are killer tapes, as in you're gonna be real sore the next day. I used to work out hard as a teenager, so I know sore, but I hate it! The good thing is, if you keep it up you don't get sore anymore :) Hopefully that will be good incentive to keep it up, if I can get started that is :)

Saturday I finished painting in Sarah's old bedroom, which is now the play room and will eventually be where we have 'school'. I wrote the words to 'Jesus Loves Me' all around room at the top of the walls and painted them and made a new curtain. I've been trying to organize things but it's slow going. Sarah's crib is still in there because I need the playpen in the living room and she needs a confined place to nap. It is large, so I'm having to work around it. My husband made them a nice chalkboard yesterday too- with wood and chalk board paint. I will take a picture when I get it like I want :)

Well, I need to get to bed, busy day tomorrow, as usual!


prayzgod said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you, that you're jumping onto the The Firm wagon. :-D

I LOVE The Firm!!!

Thirdtimemomma said...

Ah to dream. Firm abs.. Your better than me. :) I cant even wish for firm abs.