January 31, 2008

Smudges on the wall

For the past few years I've been striving for this goal, which I thought was really important. I mean, other people told me it was important, so I figured it was. But yesterday as I noticed a smudge of some kind of food hardened on the wall of our cupboards, it donned on me that a perfectly clean and organized home isn't all that great.

I mean, the pictures you see in magazines or room 're-dos' on TV shows DO look beautiful. But it lacks one big thing-LIFE! Then I thought, why am I trying to make our home look as if there are no children in it? What am I trying to prove- is being a perfect housekeeper really a realistic goal?

See, I have a friend who keeps an absolutely spotless house. It blows my mind because she has a 10 year old and a 2.5 year old and it just seems so effortless for her. However, I don't see all the work that is involved with it. But I'm not her, and my family isn't her family, so I shouldn't be comparing myself with her. I know I wouldn't want her to compare herself with me.

So, I realize now that stickies on the chairs, smudges on the door facings, scattered pieces of a dollhouse and a trail of dry cereal on the floor isn't a catastrophe anymore. They are signs of life- of little lives that are sweet and innocent and precious. I'm actually thankful now that I have messes to clean up, for how empty a perfectly kept home would be without these little ones, and I know I would wish I could clean up their messes if I were childless.


Thirdtimemomma said...

Yes Yes Yes!! I think its amazing how the Lord works on the same issues with you as He is with me. That's why I like your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

You have got to cut yourself some slack! You have three young children and I find it amazing you get done what you get done. Slow down and enjoy these days with your little girls. We have just one little one right now and I wish I was blessed with three little ones like you!

MAMA said...

You know what? I say AMEN!!!! I think people strive for perfectly clean and organized homes because they feel it makes them better Christians! Don't you think that's true? christian women have this ideal in their mind that a good Christian homemaker keeps her home perfectly!
That is such a burden....I'm so glad we don't have to keep comparing. the bible says that those who compare themselves amongst themselves(one mom to another in this case) are NOT WISE!!! Each of our situations are different!

MAMA said...

I linked to this on my blog!