January 7, 2008


We had a busy weekend, as usual. We also stayed up later than we should have and are paying for it now. Sarah moved into the big girls' bedroom with her own toddler bed and Sunday morning they were up at 5:45 playing-yea. Thankfully they did better today and we didn't hear any activity till close to 7am. Praise the Lord! I also went to bed earlier. I'm still tired though.

Anyways, I've been rearranging furniture and doing laundry all day. I know most people will think I'm weird for saying this, but this house is too big. There is so much space that I have so many options of where to put what, and I get all confused! I also have an abundance of furniture, which is never the case, so I've been trying to figure out what will get used where. I almost wish I had less space, then maybe I would have less stuff to move around LOL.

I am still thinking about the kitchen series I want to do. I'm trying to get things established so I can do it the way I want, but hopefully next week or possibly towards the end of this week I can get it going. We'll see...

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Sarah said...

A big girl bed? Hooray! I'm sure Sarah was excited about moving into a new room. I still have my first big girl bed!