January 20, 2008


I realize I've been 'absent' from blog world for several days. I guess I'm just 'blogged out' from my kitchen posts and mostly, I've just been busy doing nothing if that makes sense. I've been relaxing with the girls, reading books, playing, and baking. We've had some pretty cold weather the last week (for here anyways) so we've been holed up in the house.

I've also been getting ready for our trip in a few weeks. You see, most of you know that in the stores they start marking down the winter stuff this time of year and getting rid of it. Do you know I went to walmart two weeks ago and could not find one winter dress or even a winter pattern for a dress!? My girls are growing so fast they are about out of winter church dresses, and they've grown out of the pattern sizes that I have. So I had to get a pattern for pajamas and alter it.

Anyways, dh and I went shopping Thursday night and wow did God bless us! I found a nice goose down filled ski jacket for $40, a really nice coat for Sarah marked down to $14, plus countless fleece pullovers, sweaters, long johns, hats and mittens for the girls at Old Navy. So, if you're needing some cheap winter clothes, go there now! I'm kinda concerned though- I looked at the highs and lows of temperature in Upper Michigan- er, the low was -13, but the windchill was -26!!!! I've never been that cold in my life. The last time it got down to 0 degrees here was when I was maybe 6 or 7 years old.

Oh, and I made a dessert Friday night that was YUMMY! I'll have to post it, and actually it was semi-healthy. It was like shortbread crust, on the sweet side, pressed into a tart pan, baked, then filled with sour cream sweetened with honey and vanilla extract, then topped with fresh ripe mangoes. (they were on sale) Then I sprinkled the whole thing poppy seeds for color-it was really, really good. The sour cream tasted like cream cheese-similar to fruit pizza. Very easy.

Ok, well, I'm still waiting for my Firm tapes to arrive. I am anxious to get started on having jiggle free abs, LOL. I'm just plain tired of been jiggly period!

Enough ramble...surely I'll have something more interesting to say later :)

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Sarah said...

I'm jiggly too- I think it has something to do with having kids! It doesn't matter how much weight I lose I still tend to 'jiggle'...yuck! Maybe I should look in to those Firm tapes too. =) I need to do something...! Hurray for all the good deals you found shopping! It gives me such a 'high' when I find deals! So- you get to experience extreme cold soon? I live in Wisconsin and yesterday when I went to church it was -5! So who knows how cold it got at night! Let's just put it this way- I stay in as much as possible! =) I do not care for the cold...