January 3, 2008

The Cake

Remember those commercials about the 'amazing Betty Crocker cake pan'?? Well my grandmother, whom we refer to as 'Memaw', has a thing for gadgets and novelty items. So, she got a different brand of this cake pan for me for Christmas. I was actually glad to get it-this time!LOL.

So I decided to try it out for Leiah's birthday today, and here are the promised pictures. I used a store bought vanilla cake mix, which wasn't quite enough, and filled it with chocolate ice cream and topped it with real strawberry frosting. (so it would be pink)

Here are the pans- I got busy and forgot to take pictures when I put it together. The top pan has the cake batter in it, and then you sit another pan inside it to make the 'hole'. You could put a different cake batter in the top pan too if you want. I didn't have quite enough batter to fill the round pan up to the mark, but it still worked fine.

Cake is done! The little one was done in about 10 minutes and the big one needed about 30 minutes. The insert pan came out easily. (I had to grease everything with shortening-the instructions were specific about using shortening.)

I put the cake into the freeze to get good and cooled, and took the ice cream out to get soft. Then I spooned the ice cream in the cavity. I should have put a lot more now that I've eaten it, but I was afraid things wouldn't work if I really packed it in there.

Put the 'lid' on and pop it in the freezer till time to ice the cake. (the girls were napping and I had to wait to use the mixer)

Yea! The cake came out after a good whack on the cake plate. Then I began the icing. My icing was a little, er, runny and not fluffy, which is how it's supposed to be, so it eventually ran down the sides some. But we didn't care.
At the last minute I decided to do a birthday table setting. I gathered things from around the house and fixed the table. The table cloths are sheets, the 'chargers' under the plates are a cut up baby blanket, the centerpiece is random jewelry from their dress up box, fake flower petals, candles and tiny china teacups and sauces.
Happy Birthday!


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Leiah! You did an awesome job on the cake, Jessica! I have wanted one of those cake pans for a long time, and now that I know that the cakes turn out well, I may save my pennies for one! I love how you made the party special with household decorations. I bet Leiah loved her party, and you made a great memory for her!

Anonymous said...

I love the cake..and the decorating too (very creative). I may take the plunge and get the cake pan.

MAMA said...

Like how you used things from around the house to make the table special!