January 15, 2008

In My Kitchen Day 4

Ok, this will be my last kitchen day. I skipped breakfast and lunch pictures, since they were repeats, however I did make tuna salad for lunch, but it didn't look too lovely :)

So, before lunch I heat about 9oz of whole milk and half and half together, and put it in this little saucepan to heat to 160 degrees with the candy thermometer. The kind of yogurt I make is called Caspian Sea Yogurt, and it's really easy and really good. I haven't made a large batch yet, but I plan to soon. The yogurt has a good consistency, isn't very tart, and you can make it richer with the addition of extra fat. (cream or half and half)

While that was heating I started the tea for making kombucha. I got my big pot out and measured 8 cups of water. I put it in the pot and turned the burner on high to get the water boiling.
Unfortunately while that was coming to a boil my milk almost boiled over and got too hot! I had to strain it because it got scorched. I always do that!
I think it will be ok, so I just pour it into the jar to cool down. The water is boiling so it's time to add the sugar. This time I am putting in a cup and a half of sugar in hopes that the brew will need a longer brewing time. Remember last week it was ready in four days!

This is the kind of tea I use. I am brand loyal to Lipton tea bags- it's just the best tasting in my opinion and it's the only kind my mom used. I also added an herbal peach tea bag too. This makes great regular iced tea- we love our iced tea!

Now we have to let that cool before we can put the scoby in. Time to get back to the yogurt. It is just barely warm to the touch now, so I add 2 T of yogurt from the previous batch.

Next I put a coffee filter on top held in place with a ring from the canning lid. It will set in 12-18hrs, then it goes into the fridge. I find the consistency to be perfect- not really thick and firm like custard style yogurt, but not runny. Mine is usually done in 12 hrs, so I will most likely put it in the fridge just before bed tonight.

The tea has cooled enough now, so I get my pickle jar washed and pour in the tea.
Then I get my 'mushroom' from the fridge that we put in there last week. In it goes with some of the kombucha from the previous batch. I put another coffee filter on top and secure with a rubber band before put it in the cupboard. And that's that!
I will have more pictures of dinner and bread making later. Again we are now getting the blue underlined words here but I don't know why, sorry. I am going to try making two loaves of bread today.To be continued ;)


Jess said...

I am a new reader, just started reading your blog the other day. I have been reading Candy's blog for sometime and I found your link there.

I have really enjoyed reading your blog and seeing all the different things you are doing. It is very encouraging.

I am new to the blogging world but I am loving it. I have been married for 6 years and have two beautiful boys. Anyway because of your site and Candy's site I have started new adventures I never thought I would take.

Thank you and God Bless

Anneatheart said...

Hi Jess (wow that's weird to call someone else what I get called)

Glad you are enjoying the blog-someti mes I wonder how all the stuff that comes out of my head is interesting to others :)

Yes, Candy and I have actually met in person and have become friends. We are 'different'I suppose, but we have a lot of fun being different.

Hope to 'see' you around often!

Thirdtimemomma said...

Hey Mama! You've been tagged. :)