January 11, 2008

In My Kitchen Day 2

Well here is a picture of the bread I made last night. I tried to slash it so it would break open like it has before, but I really need a razor blade to cut through the sticky dough. I think next time I need to use less starter or make two loaves!

After I turned it out onto the towel I went to bed :)

This morning my husband got going earlier than me and started the coffee pot for me. Thanks! So I set to work toasting the fresh bread and frying up eggs in coconut oil, which is really good by the way :)

Coconut oil is an exceptional fat. I don't have time to go into it, but I can tell you it's antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. Many people who have candida albicans overgrowth are able to get rid of it by eating virgin coconut oil. It is healing to the gut and many who have thyroid problems find the coconut oil helps them a lot. This tub costs about $10 and lasts anywhere from 1-3 months depending on what I do with it. Mostly we fry eggs in it, butter bread with it, or I will use it in baking.

I had two eggs, runny in the middle, which I used to hate, and ended up eating two slices of the bread I made with butter, cinnamon and raw honey. Better than regular cinnamon sugar toast!
So I said I wasn't going shopping with children anymore. Well sometimes there isn't any other choice, so that's what I did today.

My husband works for Brookshires, a grocery store chain that's mostly in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and some in Oklahoma. I like going there because it's smaller, less people, usually better quality than our walmart, they sack your groceries and take them to the car and the carts are better. I do not like that their prices are high than most everywhere else, especially on some items like specialty items. (organic and things like that) Sometimes they have good deals, like today was buy one package of chicken breasts and get one free.

I loaded up the chillins' and drove the 3 minutes to the store, LOL.

Here are the kids in the cart; I like the set up where they can see where they are going and not where they've been. I generally have better luck with them behaving well at Brookshires. Walmart is a circus.

I didn't take many pictures in the store because most of the time people were around and I didn't want questions about why I was taking pictures. Check out the price of this milk I buy. However in February we are switching back to the raw goat milk, so it will be double that.

And this is the kind of eggs we buy. For a long time they were only $1.49 per dozen, now they are double that! Oh well, good nutrition pays off in the end.

I'm not sure why everything is underlined and I can't get it to stop, so we'll just have to deal with it for now.

Here we are at the checkout with all of our groceries.

Sarah is quite unhappy as you can see. They ALL started crying right after I took the picture. That was a lot of fun-not. After I got home I realized that one of my gallons of milk didn't make it with me. I called the store and they actually delivered it to me! I can't say how thankful I am that I didn't have to get everyone back in the car and go back up to the store.

This was the girls' lunch. I let them pick it out at the store. Lunches just aren't my thing. It's either leftovers or from the freezer/can. If I want to be healthy I make tuna or egg salad with veggie/fruit sticks. In the grand scheme of things, eating a not so healthy lunch once or twice a week isn't going to kill us :) I ate leftover rice and chicken and meatloaf :)

Sarah enjoyed her lunch :) We also had a small piece of the coconut banana cake I posted about earlier.

Everyone is asleep now. It's getting close to 3pm and I need to start the stew. I have deer meat in the freezer from my father-in-law in Upper Michigan. I've never cooked game and only eaten it once I think. So here we go. I have no recipe, I'm just making it up here, and am trying out my Pampered Chef stoneware cooker again.

Here's the meat- kinda looks like liver or something.
I cut it up, tossed it in some flour and salt, poured olive oil in my cooker, then put the meat in it.

I had preheated the oven to 425 degrees, then I put the meat in for about 10 minutes. Then I stirred the meat around and let it go a few more minutes. While it cooked I chopped all the veggies.
The meat browned up pretty well with this method. I added some dried thyme, worcestershire sauce, all the veggies and then poured water up about half way in the pan. I covered it and stupidly grabbed the pan with my bare hands! Luckily I yanked my hands away quick enough I didn't get burned. I will not be adding potatoes to the stew, I'll just serve it with bread and a salad and that should be plenty :)

Alright, time to check the kombucha. It was looking like it might be ready already so I tasted it. Yep, it's ready. I only started it on Tuesday! I guess I need to add more sugar next time or something...So, now I have all this kombucha in my fridge!

Here's the mushroom from the previous batch(on the left, good ones on the right in the bowl). He's not looking too good, so I'm throwing it out. The new one goes in the fridge till next week. We're overflowing with kombucha and kefir right now. From left to right- two batches of kombucha, our milk, the kefir, juice, yogurt...the kefir grains and kombucha scoby are in there too.
I snapped a picture of me too, since you all haven't seen a recent picture of me. I haven't changed, except I am wearing jeans here.
Well this may be all I do for today. These posts are getting rather long. Hopefully tomorrow my husband can take some pictures of me doing stuff- we'll see, I may not have time depending on what we end up doing- my visionary husband!
By the way, all the pictures are 'clickable' and will open into a larger image. Also there are lots of typos- sorry, trying to do this fast when I can!!


prayzgod said...

That's a great picture of you. I can really see your light shine. Especially near your shoulder - the light is round... :-P

I'm loving these picture posts you've been doing the past few days - they're great.

Hubby just got home from work, and wanted me to do something real quick. I told him "just a minute, I need to finish reading Jessica's blog, it's really good."

Okay, we're off to dinner.

Thirdtimemomma said...

I like it too. :) What fun.