July 24, 2008

Drawing a blank

I'm sorry I just don't really have a whole lot to say right now. I guess I'm sort of blogged out. There's a lot happening in our lives at present.

For instance, today we drove two hours away to Dallas for Leiah's heart appointment. It's only a check up, but it still takes the whole day and they do EKG and ultrasounds and stuff. Oh she did sooooo wonderful! Brain Gym has totally made the difference. She cried a little at first, but overall she did great. So great that we took her out to eat and to the toy store. Guess what she picked out for her toy? A purse and a set of hair accessories- curling iron, brushes, straightening iron, hair dryer etc. A true little girl, huh?

I have to figure out something for dinner since I didn't plan it out and then we have praise music practice at church tonight. I have lots that I do want to blog about, I just never seem to remember to take pictures or have time to get into it.

Hopefully soon I'll more interesting things to say.

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Shannon said...

Stopping in to give you a hug!!! You sound like you need a good one. (((((HUG)))))

God Bless,