July 2, 2008

great book

I got this book from the library yesterday.
I want to own it. I LOVE it! Of course I love all the Little House books, which I do own, but I love to cook and read about cooking. Historical cooking is my favorite. Plus, the author gives lots of background information about cooking during the time period that Laura Ingalls was a child and what a kitchen would have been like. The recipes are very simple and generally hardy. Except for the recipe for salt rising bread- that one looks complicated.

I plan on making the chicken pie, with bone in chicken and a fluffy top crust, the rye-n-injun bread and some others. I will post those recipes later as I have time. Been gone running errands today, again, and need to tend to some homemaker things :)


Kat said...

I did have this book, and loved it too. We've made Corn Dodgers quite a bit! I love Little House. Love it.

Buildeth Her House said...

We have this book too and have made a few things out of it. If you like this book you would love the Prairie Primer unit study. It's a wonderful book ,even if you don't homeschool, it's a great resource that makes reading the
"Little House" books even more enjoyable.

dayz in and dayz out... said...

We did Prairie Primer this year. We used this book to bring some of the stories to life.
The lemonaide is good but I think the peel makes for a strong flavor. (just make it a few days ago)