July 3, 2008

Not much happening

I have been avoiding the computer today. I'm not sure why, I just wanted to focus on other things, one of which was to sew a shade I've been needing to do forever. I had to ditch that project, I will do curtains instead. I am terrible at straight lines/seams!

I have also been in a bit of emotional turmoil, more about that later, and I just couldn't settle down to the computer/blog. I read my Bible and drank tea instead :) My dear husband gets tomorrow off of work and we have lots to do so I may not be around this weekend. We've already spent this whole evening outside lighting firecrackers and getting eaten by mosquitoes. We did get to see some fireflies/lightening bugs- haven't seen those in a long time!

Anyways, tomorrow I am going to get up early and head to the store to grab a few things, then come home and make bread and help the girls make patriotic t-shirts to wear to our 'party' tomorrow night. We were invited to Sky Ranch, a Christian camp that is huge and my brother-in-law works for, and they have a big cookout, games for kids and a HUMONGOUS firework display over the lake. Our kids will probably freak out so we will get in the car and drive off a little ways so it won't be so loud, LOL. I am bringing a smore type of dessert and they provide the rest of the food.

Anyways, time to go for now.

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