July 18, 2008

Gettin' healthier

I mentioned earlier that my husband and I are planning to do some things to get ourselves healthier. I am so very thankful that the Lord led me to Dr. Schulze. His stuff has helped us so much. Anyways, dh has been struggling with dizzness and tiredness again, and I told him he needs to do the gut cleaning that I did a few months back. I also have been wanting to do a liver cleanse because we have been hearing lately that there is a strong connection between the liver and hormones and losing weight.

Apparently pregnancy does a number on the liver and kidneys, and since the liver is also directly related to the gallbladder/stomach area I figured I should do that first. The liver is the filter of our body. All the blood dumps the waste it accumulates as well as old blood cells in the liver to be either remade into something useful, or if it is toxic, the white blood cells eat it. LOL. Sounds funny.

So, even if I'm eating well and am active, not losing weight could be a signal that my liver is congested or 'constipated' and isn't able to get rid of stuff it needs to. Also the liver stores glycogen, which converts to glucose, which is stored energy. (I am writing this from memory so I might off) Maybe there is a glitch in there somewhere.

I would have ordered Dr. Schulze's liver detox kit, but it was $78, and we were already ordering other stuff too. I did find a book of his that is specifically about detoxing the liver and he had recipes for other things I could do without buying the kit. I ordered his detox tea though and will be adding that in when we receive it.

So, first you do a flush, which is a special drink that helps to get the liver moving and flush out the nasties. I haven't done it yet because if for some reason I start feeling bad I don't want to be here by myself with kids. Here it is:

blend 1/2 cup fresh squeezed orange juice
juice of 1 lemon and 1 lime
1 clove of garlic
1 inch fresh ginger root
distilled water
1 T olive oil

Blend for a minute and then drink twice a day I think.

Also you are supposed to drink potassium broth. I made this the other day and drank some a bit ago. It was quite tasty with a little salt.

25% potato peelings (clean ones)
25% carrots, chopped
25% chopped onions with skin
1 bunch chopped beets
hot peppers to taste
dark leafy greens

Put all ingredients in pot and cover with water. Bring to boil and simmer 1-4 hours. Strain and drink. THis made a gallon of broth, which you are supposed to sip on throughout the cleanse. Mine was a bit hot- i put in 3 whole jalepenoes . It's also a purple pink color and the babysitter thought it was kooaid- oops!

So, I plan to do the flush drink tomorrow, and continue with the broth. When my detox tea comes in I'll add that. I should probably just eat raw fruits and veggies, but I'm not. I've eat about 50% raw food today so far. I'll do my best but I'm not going all out this time. Sounds fun huh? I want to feel much better- I feel good most of the time- but we all need a good cleaning once in awhile.


Ruth said...

Wow, these sound like they are good things to do. I really need to find out more about this. Where did you learn about this detox and cleanses? I really am looking for an all natural way to keep us healthy and out of the doctor's office.
I would appreciate any information that you have time to share.
Thank you,

*MichiganMomma* said...

Can you do the drink while preggo? The one with the juices, olive oil, ginger, garlic, etc.?? Sounds basic enough, holistic enough to be used while preggo - but I just wanted to ask.


Anneatheart said...

I learned about the liver cleanse through Dr. Schulze. I have a link to him on the left sidebar.

Anonymous said...

I just ordered Kidney Cleanse for hubby who is going through horrible bout with Gout. I'll let you know how it goes. Thx for sharing!

Amity said...

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for introducing me to Dr. Shulze. I went to his website a few months ago when you talked about it on your blog. I ordered the bowel detox for hubby and I. Hubby had had very bad stomache problems (IBS I think) amd since he did the bowel detox he has not had the problems like he did before. I am saving up money to order the liver detox and some of the other stuff.

So anyways..thank you...thank you..thank you..hehe!!!

Anneatheart said...

Wow I'm so glad I was able to help you. I honestly believe he has the best herbal products available. So glad your dh is better!