July 15, 2008

Temptation and Escape

It's interesting that my pastor preached a message about the verse in 1 Corinthians 10:13,

"No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it."

Before when I was talking about birth control I said that a lot of people have told me in the past that God wouldn't give me more than I could handle. Well, I think that they got that from this verse and have taken it out of context. See, what this verse is talking about is a specific situation, like if somehow I got caught up in something I couldn't control, a car accident maybe. Paul is saying that if I do find myself in a bad situation, God will always make a way for me to get out of it.

James 1:13 " Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man:"

I am a firm believer that God does not send trials and tribulations to us to test us. Why on earth would He need to do that? Satan does a pretty good job of it don't you think? If Satan can make bad things happen to us, and God is good, then how could God send bad things to us? Didn't Jesus say, " And if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand." (Mark 3:25)

So, then, why would He need to put troubles on us to test us? It is living in this world that cause trials to come on us. He is the One who is making a way out for us. If someone was an alcoholic, and he came to Christ and was saved and put all of that behind him, you can bet money that the enemy will be tempting him to go back to drinking. What's he supposed to do? Fight it with the Word.

"For the word of God [is] living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart." Hebrews 4:12

Our way of escape is standing firm on the Word and I believe that He will protect us from all harm and evil so long as we acknowledge that He is our refuge and fortress. (Psalms 91 thank you) We can't crumble in despair when we see something scary- we have to stand firm.

"Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace; above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one.And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God;..." Ephesians 6:13-17

We don't just stand idly by while the enemy has a hayday with us. We have tools and weapons to hurt him with. So, how does this apply to birth control again??


His Tender Mercies said...

This is what we've been studying in our Tues. night Bible studies.

Why would God need to tempt us when we do it to ourselves. We can't always say "the devil made me do it".... or that we are being tempted by the devil. " But each one is tempted when he is carried away and enticed by his own lust." James 1:14.

I think of Jonah & how God asked him to do something. He didn't want to & didn't listen to God. God sent a storm & then a fish. God was giving him opportunity to obey by sending him these trials. But God didn't tempt him to sin. Jonah did it to himself, when " he was carried away and enticed by his own lust."

Good post!

Lori... said...

You are absolutely right, I couldn't agree more! However, like you already said, what God gives us is always good - children are a "good thing" [a gift according to the Word] from God.

Like I've already said - this is a mountain you and your hubs are going to need to tackle, but since you posed the scenario and question again, AND this is [one of] my passion(s) - I just feel compelled to comment.

It's been established all things that God, himself, gives us are good. We also know that He knows more than us - as "He knows the end from the beginning" and "His ways (thoughts) are higher than ours". So with that knowledge, wouldn't it make sense that if God thought it was "good" for you to have, let's just say, eight children in a ten year period, nothing bad would come from it. Remembering, God knows ALL and everything that He gives you is good (good, in this regard, being nothing you could NOT handle? If you couldn't handle it, that wouldn't be good and He would know that before hand, and not give it to you, because all that comes from God is good).

I've had people come against me with "well, He gave you a brain and wants you to use it too". That too is true, but I think there are certain things, when taken into our own hands, it takes the control OUT of His hands. You have to ask yourself - does this control, that I'm taking into my own hands, aline with the Word of God? In this case, birth control doesn't align. Even if there are herbs (that He created) that are used for birth control, where in the Holy Scriptures, does it tell us to use, what He put on this earth to cause us NOT to receive goodness from Him? (One of your other commentors used this in her comment before) In using "He gave you a brain..." - Storing an abundance of food for a hard time to come - that's biblical, we're taking something into "our control", but it doesn't take a situation OUT of His control.

Keep in mind. The Holy Spirit is a gentleman - He WILL NOT impose His beliefs on you, only gently use your environment (and those in it) to nudge you and reveal His way. It seems to me, from the outside looking in, this is a subject that is greatly on your heart. If that's the case, keep an open mind to this being the call of the Spirit for a "quiverfull" family.

Again - this is just MY opinion. I'm sure you will get plenty of opinions that go directly against what I say, and encourage you in the stand you are taking. The world does not view the things of God with such openness, but as Christians we are to heed the calling of the Holy Spirit, whatever it may be, regardless if WE think it's the right thing to do. Just my two-cents, for what it's worth.

In whatever you decide - continue to be Blessed!

liz said...

I am by no means a Bible scholar, so I really hope I don't get attacked for saying this. I think 1 Cor 10:13 is specifically talking about temptation, not trials. I do not think that Satan can ever tempt us beyond what we are able to endure. However, I do think sometimes God allows trials to come more than we ourselves can handle so that we humble ourselves before Him and cry out for His mercy. What good would it be to say we have faith in God alone, yet always try to endure trials/temptations/hurt/etc in our own flesh. Sometimes we are given more than we can handle so that we will draw closer to Him.

That really has nothing to do specifically with the B.C. issue, but I think it has to do with any issue. Praying for you that you find peace and rest in Him alone.

His Tender Mercies said...

I'm not really sure how this all applies to birth control though? I do understand, however, your point about God not tempting us though.

I do believe he sends us trials or allows trials for our own good but he doesn't TEMPT US to sin.....that is not His nature.

Anneatheart said...

To clarify- many times when I talk to people about children and birth control, I get the statement, "Well, God won't give more than you can handle." While this is being said to help, my flesh cries out in anger because it is usually coming from someone who has never been in my situation or who doesn't really have any help to offer. To me this sounds like God is up there trying to see how much we can bear before we crumble and then keep us at that place indefinitely. That does not line up with His character and the sermon on Sunday touched that subject, so I just passed it on.

To Liz- I understand what you are saying. I am not saying that we blame our actions on the devil; he is the tempter is what I mean and the way to stand up to him is with the Word. One thing is that in Old Testament times, people didn't have the Holy Spirit to guide them; Jesus hadn't come yet. God must have needed to use drastic measures at times to get people to pay attention to Him. After Jesus came and died, He can now live in us and and speak to us that way. I am not a scholar either, but to me, it doesn't make sense to serve a God that will put bad things on me to draw me closer to Him. A parent isn't going to put their children in a bad situation to draw the child closer to the parent. (I am not speaking of child training)

Anonymous said...

Job is a perfect example. His wife wanted him to curse God because she had enough and couldn't understand the calamity braught to Him and His family upon such a faithful man.

Why id God allow this? Job was faithful, God prospered and blessed Him richly. Why then such trials braught before Him? Please read job prayerfully. We can't wrap our human finite brains around God and His plans for our growth and the glory of God's kingdom. God always seeks the good for His children, our eternal soul good most of all and his kindoms good. It isn't in our place to figure out what it might be or live in fear for what it could be but by faith trusting Him to guide us through it knowing in the end His son has won and finished the race for us.

If we are viewing his workings in our lives in the lives of christians through the eyes of the world and even from afar we don't see a perfect smooth life care free, no sickness, no sadness, everything just a okay. Most christians I know and especially the ones that really love God and to me walk so closely with him day to day (I see that god really loves them) have been through so much in this earthly life. His word states in Ecles. that it's better to go to the house of mourning then feasting. We are prone to leave the flock and leave the good shepard http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Come_Thou_Fount_of_Every_Blessing- a link to a song that expresses the struggle of sin that still remains present in us a very real struggle we all face as the path is narrow but by his help and love he'll lead us home. Pilgrims progress is another example of how we can wander off.

I mention these simple illustrations because it is in us to wander off indeed. Now because he loves us so he brings us back many a time we are so stubborn and he lovingly but firmly chastens us or allows us to delight in what we think may bring us happiness and he draws his prescence away from us and we fall flat on our faces and are sad and depressed.

God can and will use many things to perfect his perfect plan for us and our eternal well being and His kingdoms good. What those are I don't know and im glad i don't know. his ways and thoughts are far higher then mine. i may not understand his plan even on earth but when i see him face to face i will.

Sometimes a child thinks that we are doing them bad by not allowing them candy all day for example but it's meant for there good. So god works in such mysteriouse ways. And it is promised to his children that it will indeed be for our good.

Sadly we are such a selfish people that our selfishness, and pride keep us from such a close walk and great love for him. many times trials (or what this world will say is just tragedy) mold us more to his image, gets us out of this worlds thinking and living, helps us to depend on Him more- basically humbles us to where we can only seek him with nothing we offfer, vulnerable and needy and thats just beautiful because there isn't anything in us that is good but through his son he loves us so.

It seems in such times are hard times and struggle we learn and grow to walk by faith solely trusting him. I wish it wouldn't be so but to often our hearts, pridefulness, and the love of this world seek to too often lead us afrom loving him and seeking him. he is a ejlouse God jelouse for our love to him. he doesn't need it but rather deserves it because of who he is he deserves all our love and attention.

Thanksfor listening!

Thursday's Child said...

God may wish to bless you with more children but I don't think you need have no say in when. If you need to pause between children, that's certainly your prerogative. It's not as if you're wanting to reject God's blessings. You just want a bit more time between them. ;) You do what you and your husband feel is right for you. It's not as if you'd spurn another child if God was determined, right?

God bless!

Jennifer said...

I'm too am no Bible scholar but when I read your post and especially your last comment I thought of Job. So I started reading it. Of course I havn't finished but I'd say read and study it, and see what get out of it.

Michele said...

"If you need to pause between children, that's certainly your prerogative. It's not as if you're wanting to reject God's blessings."

I'm not following. If your just 'delaying' His blessings that are going to come anyways then why would anyone need birth control? Because of this line of thinking then God would just give them to us when WE are ready and not when He feels that we should have them. So,if your waiting for children when YOU are ready and taking a "pause"......then yes, your rejecting His blessings. You are stating to God you know better than Him on what you can handle or do not trust His timing. One of the two. Neither one is accepting His blessings in His timing. I'm not trying to debate here, it is just really not adding up with that comment.

We have free will for a reason. He wants us to choose His way WILLING. When we use that free will to pick and choose His blessings I do believe it is dangerous grounds. But I do believe you have to follow that conviction from the heart. And only God can convict you of that, not me or anyone else.

And I think Job is an excellent place to start with the content of this particular post. :)
God Bless,