July 25, 2008

Living to Serve

A servant's heart is something so precious. If you've ever been around someone who just couldn't do enough for you- you were in awe of how much they were giving and serving you and somewhat humbled. The Holy Spirit started doing major heart work when I was a teenager, and as I drew closer to Him I became more like Him. I loved giving and serving.

My mother has a servant's heart and is so giving of herself. I always make sure to tell her thanks for helping me with the girls or for cooking Sunday lunch. I know how much work goes into it now that I am a cook :)

There are a lot of times though that I feel like a servant in my own home and am none too happy about it. It's much nicer and easier to serve someone who is appreciative and notices what you're doing. Children do not normally realize this. They have no idea how much work it took for mommy to mop that floor before they tracked in sand or how hard I worked to prepare a nice meal that they don't like. It's much harder to lovingly pick up my husband's shoes and tools lying around the house when he never notices or seems to care.

But, I am trying harder to go to Him before I get upset about 'poor me'. More than likely I am just tired and need a break. Deep down I do love caring for my family; I enjoy laundering my husband's work clothes and wish I had more time to starch and iron them. I enjoy making my girls' rooms tidy and fixing good meals. I enjoy keeping an organized and clean home, however, it's not easy because I generally get interrupted a lot.

Lately I've taken more opportunity to give and serve those around me. When I bake bread I take a loaf to the neighbors or invite the young newly married and extremely poor couple for dinner, or make extra kefir for a friend who is ill. Amazing how food seems to be an important factor in serving. I so enjoy blessing others and giving to them. This has to be from the Lord. When I did the Passover feasts for our church, it took lots of planning, research and lots of work. But in the end it was well worth it knowing how much it blessed everyone. It almost felt wrong to get praise for myself, because it is He who works in me :) I may be about to collapse from exhaustion, but I can keep going when I serve Him.

It's good to serve in our homes and families, but it's important to think outside of ourselves too. I mean, I'm not talking about being involved in some church thing, but just making a phone call to someone who is sick or going through a hard time, or making a meal etc. is such a blessing to the person and yourself.

My brain is so very scattered. We are having company this evening and I'm attempting to make veggie burgers from lentils, pinto beans and rice. (they don't eat meat) I also have a cake to bake yet and a floor to mop :) I hope what I said makes sense :) Have a good weekend friends!


Anonymous said...

Try to look at it this way...
your children are not interrupting your housework, your housework is interrupting your time with your children. Take out "children" and put in "guests" or whatever applies.

Personally I think you are doing a fantastic job. Childhood is so temporary. My firstborn is on his way to Iraq, and those 21 years seem like 21 days. Sigh.

You really are doing a great job!

Mary in TN

Rachel said...

Please don't post - thanks so much!

A servant's heart? hmm.. I know a few people like that. Yes, they are truely giving people. But, have you ever read The Five Love Languages? It talks about the five ways people give and receive love. One of those ways is doing for others. That would be my husband. He loves when guests come. He loves getting them drinks and ice and chips and whatever they need. At first I felt bad. Shouldn't that be ME??? Then I read about the five different ways of love. I saw my husband was showing his love of me by doing these things. It was his way of giving. :) Now when my mom says "Why do you make him do it all?" I can smile and know my husband is doing this freely and lovingly. AFter the guests leave he loves to hear how much they enjoyed their time here and how much they love coming over. So I praise him and praise him for it. He loves to hear it and I know that is how he sees loves.

Lemme see if i can remember them:

1. gifts/presents/surprises
2. touch
3. telling/voice/praise
4. giving of your time
5. Doing for others - service

Very interesting! Check it out.

Don't be so hard on yourself. You may "love" in a different way than your mother.. but you are still serving the Lord and your family no matter what you love language is :)

Anonymous said...

praise God for people like you in this world!

Roxanne said...

I am one person that is mainly a servant and wear the garb too. haha. I delivered a meal last week to a family and had just finished cooking it about 10 minutes after they got home from work. I packed it up and thru it in my car. Delivered it and I still had my apron on over my dress. The wife was so amazed that I wear aprons and usually long skirts.
My dh and I both work but we don't have kids. God has other plans form me right now. But as I read your blog, I have the feeling that you are serving just as God has planned for you.
I am reading the five languages of love. Because like most wives, when our dh's don't verbalize love or are showy in their affection we seem to feel unappreciative. As I read I see all the little things he does for me out of love on a daily basis.
God bless and keep serving,

Carrie said...

It completely makes sense, and this is a beautiful post representing how God has molded you into his servant! You're doing a great job and I completely understand how you feel some days! Keep up the good work!