July 28, 2008

What do you do with biscuit dough scraps?

Make cinnamon sugar 'doll' biscuits :) It's kind of hard to tell but they are tiny heart and flower shapes.

I still don't like my blog look yet- a little too sugary pink :( I'll work on it some more later.

Oh, and if anyone is interested, there's a small snippet of me in this video at my niece's birthday party. In the far left- aqua shirt and white skirt.


DeNiece Barnes said...

Hello How are you, I have not seen you in a while at my blog, so i thought I would stop in and say hello, and see how everyone was doing, can you tell me how to make a video using blogger. Please!

mama said...

I loved the yellow background you had just before this!!
By the way the way your hair is cut in your profile pic SUITS YOU!! You are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Anneatheart said...

Thank you so much mama- I liked the yellow one too, but couldn't get it quite like I wanted it...we'll see. I like pink, but I'm more of a yellow/green/blue person.

Deniece- sorry I haven't been by, I forgot to bookmark your site and couldn't remember what it was :( Thanks for coming by.

Anonymous said...

Love the new background! Very pretty and so is your skirt in the video. About those biscuts...did you bake them and then just put cinnamon sugar on them?

Joy Comes in the Morning said...

I want to just say that I LOVE the new background. I guess having my dd has made me learn to appreciate pink because a few years ago, I hated the color.LOL And those biscuits made me hungry. How did you make them? Yum!!!