July 11, 2008

Raw Milk

The other day I revisited the website www.realmilk.com. It's related to the Weston A. Price foundation and helps locate farmers who sell raw milk straight from the source- real milk. I stopped buying from the goat farm because it was quite expensive-$10 per gallon, and somehow they got mad at me and took me off the list. Oops. So I checked the website to see if anything new in my area had popped up and saw one for cow's milk nearby. I called the guy and a gallon of raw Jersey cow milk with no antibiotics or growth hormones is $5. That's how much I pay for pasteurized homogonized organic milk at the grocery store. And, I get cream with it. Cool huh?

I know that milk is a vital source of nutrients when it is high quality. Since my children are still little and my two year old drinks a lot of milk, it's important to me to feed them the best I can find. Plus I make kefir, the creme fraiche and may try yogurt again. Today my aunt and I are going to trek up there. I got cracked up because when I talked to the man, he told me to go into the barn where the refrigerator was, get out however much milk I wanted and put my money in the box on the table. Talk about trust! I do have to write my name and how much milk I got in a little book too, but this is east Texas for ya.

So I'm interested to see how it tastes and how the kefir does in it and finally, I get to try making butter. I know homemade butter doesn't keep as long, but we eat it pretty fast. Anyways, you know me, I have to try my hand at making everything. The Little House wannabe mom :)

Have a good Friday- hopefully dh and I will get to go on a date tonight. We are going to have to do it cheaply, so we're trying to think of what we can do. We haven't been out alone together since our anniversary in April!

I managed to get most of my weekly work done, but I do want to mop the floors and finish up the laundry today, then run errands and such. Busy day ahead, as usual :)

Happy Friday everyone!


Val said...

Thanks for the link. There are two organic farms right by us! Who knew? LOL
I laughed at the honor system payment. We have a fruit and veggie stand up the road from us, and there is just a price list and a lock box! Like you said-very east Texas!

Amanda said...

Ok I am sooooo jealous!!!! I used to be able to get raw milk from a neighbor but we moved :o(. One thing I want to warn you is don't expect it to taste the same as store milk. When you first taste it you may go "YECHT!" If that happens (or if it happens with the kids) here's trick. Start off by making it into chocolate milk. then after that's cool with everyone try using it on cereal or such. Gradually work it into being consumed strait. I made the mistake of just diving right in and it tasted so gross to me (because it was new) that I stopped drinking it for the longest time!!! Eventually the health benefits drew me back and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the second time around I didn't mind the taste at all. When we moved and had to go back to store milk, it tasted just SO AWFUL to me LOL. No taste at all! I miss my raw milk :o*(

Renee said...

I had a similar experience going to a local farm to pick peaches, there was simply a sign and a cash box! I was floored... I am a Cali girl living in the south, and nobody would have so much faith in the honor system in Los Angeles (and rightfully so)! God bless.