July 21, 2008

How I'm doing so far

I started my cleanse yesterday, which wasn't easy considering we had a birthday party to go to. What I did was take my superfood tablets (from Dr. Schulze) and drink his detox tea that I ordered. I ate toast for breakfast.

At midday I took more superfood and that's all I did. Before bed I took his Intestinal Formula 1 to make sure my bowels were moving good before I started flushing my liver. I didn't eat healthy yesterday but I tried to eat small portions.

This morning I made the orange juice drink that I mentioned in a previous post. It wasn't too bad really, with a straw and some ice cubes. After I drank all I could of that I ate some baked oatmeal with yogurt (a cup total) and took the superfood tablets. Now I'm drinking the detox tea. For lunch I'm going to drink the potassium broth that I wrote about and may add some brown rice to it or something or eat a salad.

Oh, for someone who asked, yes I do drink kombucha. I totally forgot it was cleansing to the liver- duh! However, I just started making it again and haven't been making enough. (we've been drinking it too fast) This last week I've felt tired and achy and had headaches and just really didn't feel good. So, it was time to do something. This plan seems complicated, but it's not that big of a deal. I have to consume all that broth I made in the next day or two before it goes bad though!

To Carrie- about modest dress, well, I am currently not dresses only. I did a study on the subject and personally came to the conclusion that the state of my heart was most important. However, lately I've been wanting to do dresses only or mostly, just because I want to. My husband has never really had a preference and allowed me to do whatever I thought I should. He likes it when I wear dresses at home, but it doesn't matter to him so long as I'm not exposing myself in public :)

If anyone has more questions/comment I'll try to answer them or point you in the right direction. I wanted to put more info up about the liver cleanse but I still can't find my little book!

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