February 26, 2009

About Candy

I'm happy to report that by last evening I was much better. I had a good cry, had taken the full dosage of St. John's Wort, an herb that promotes relaxation, and had been reading the verses I printed out, out loud many times. My husband had a hard day, and he was sort of feeling anxious too, so I brewed us both some Sleepy Time tea, which helped.

I went shopping today, and plan to post later about what I did. I was asked to write something about Candy's disappearance from the blog world. Well, I did know her in real life, but I only met with her twice. For some reason, her 'blog' personality seems much harsher than she really is. She is very focused on family and the Lord, but she is very laid back and loves to have fun. Her and her husband are what you all visionaries. They just pick up and go, drop everything, when the time is right. They make plans, but if something changes it, they're all for it.

One thing you have to remember is that Candy had lots of psycho people stalking her, online and in her regular life. She had desired to move anyways so that she could 'vanish' from these people. Her husband is so intelligent and inventive, and they are up for anything at anytime, so this doesn't surprise me, I just wished I had emailed her before so I could know more details. (she revealed more to me since I was a personal friend)

I am a bit sad that she's offline now, because she generally always had something interesting or uplifting on her blog. She had lots of resources to other sites that were very helpful, and I never got a chance to download her cooking ebook. I imagine she had lots to research prior to their move though, because she didn't know how to do a lot of things she would need to, such as gardening, canning, more sewing, making soap etc. But, she is smart and will figure it out.

Something funny, for a long time, I greatly disliked Candy. I thought she was too blunt and uninformed on a lot of the Bible. But, I felt led to pass on my cloth diapers to her. I found out she wasn't too far away, and because they are so willing to jump in the car and go we met half way and spent the day together. So that's how I found out she's so very different in real life. Amazing. Then a year later, we drove up and stayed with them overnight and got to know them a lot more. Anyways, her and her husband are earth shakers and such a pair. I hope that at some point she does come back online...we'll see.


*Michigan Momma* said...

Interesting...I didn't know you actually *knew* Candy. I've been to her blog here and there, but it just seemed too stressful. Part of that was just her coming across, as you said, as fairly blunt. And then part of it was from the psycho people she had to deal with.

I can't imagine dealing with some of those people?!?

I hope her family is someplace enjoying life, each other and the Lord to the fullest!!

Anonymous said...

I will miss reading about some of the things she wrote. I cannot say I agreed with all of it, but I too did not like her very much at first, and then after a while realized that she was not the hard person she seemed to be. I live in the same state as she does and never did meet her. I think we are two very different people and probably wouldn't get along, but she was very informational. I think blog land really lost a good member and sister in christ. Very sad.
As far as you go my little blog friend... I hope you stick around a while.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you posted this. When I went to check her blog & found out they had gone, I actually felt sort of "blue" for a couple days. Candy's was the first blog I found when beginning to change my eating, homekeeping, etc., and I didn't realize how much she had meant to me until she was gone. Anyway, thank you for posting and allowing me to express my gratitude to God for sending Candy (and all you other great bloggers) into my life. It has made a tremendous change to my life.
Lori Mark

prayzgod said...

Jessica, thank you for the nice words! :-) I still have internet, just not the time to do a daily blog anymore. To tell you the truth, I lost interest in blogging, so I'm not bothering to make the time.

However, I still desire to have a webpage out there, dedicated to Christian stay at home moms, so I used my keepingthehome.com and blogger account to start such a webpage.

I'm back online, but not for blogging, but I do have a webpage started, and up, and will update it here and there, as I have time.

I have two articles on it right now - "What is a Lady?" and "The Most Important Thing."

Thank you for appreciating my bluntness. I've been accused of having "Aspberger's" or whatever that is. I don't think I do. I just value honesty, and total up-front-ness, as you know. :-P

Anonymous said...

I remember you saying when you had visited them that weekend that she was very different in real life. That is one weakness of the written word and blogging - that people can come off sounding different to how they mean to and it is so easy to have misunderstandings. I think I come off appearing a better/nicer person online than I am IRL. I tend to consider my words/actions online more carefully so maybe I need to start doing that in real life too.

Kat said...

I was a regular reader of Candy's blog. Thanks for your viewpoint and connecting some of the dots :)

Anonymous said...

Jessica, hope you don't mind me adressing someone else in your comments - feel free not to publish it if you have any objections...

Candy: (Before I say this, I want to point out that I think whoever said it probably didn't know what Asperger's syndrome is as I cannot see it at all.)

Asperger's syndrome is a form of Autism. It is on the end of the spectrum closest to "normal" and a lot of people with it manage to get by living a "normal" life but just with a few "weird" characteristics.

One of the main difficulties they have is understanding social conventions and things like body language.

For example I had a university friend who took a couple of month before he realised that two people on his corridor were going out - he hadn't picked up on the subtle things which made it obvious to everyone else.

Another example would be my brother's work colleague who will carry on talking to him after he finishes his lunch and leaves. This man will actually leave his lunch behind on the table and follow my brother to carry on talking right until he gets in the lift - he just has no idea that this is not the "normal" thing to do.

A child with Asperger's may get into trouble a lot at school because they will retaliate when other people wrong them and take it too far. My mum knew of a boy who was elbowed by another child - it ended up with the child with Asperger's dumping a whole jug of water over the child who started it. He could not understand why he got into trouble because the other child started it.

Dislike of change and preference for routine and predictability is another symptom. My friend did not mind being late to a lecture if he had planned to be late but if it wasn't intentional then he would rather not go than arrive late.

I am certainly not an expert and that is by no means comprehensive but just a brief description.

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you for posting this! I was the one who asked you to. You may have had more than one request, but I am one of those. :) Anyway, I so appreciate you defending Candy. I went looking for her and found the most atrocious sp? site you can think of. This must be where all the bullies from highschool who never grew up congregate! These people seem to have no life but to stalk Candy and to give her terrible grief. No one is perfect and if they could only be stalked like that and tracked for every time they were caught being imperfect...That is what they deserve. I am just...I just want to shake them. I would love to see their hate and venom wiped from the net clean! ~Venting~ I cannot say that I always agreed with Candy but golly, she tried! She wanted to encourage and that is what she did. It is up to us what we do with that encouragement. She was faithful - really faithful to try and do that and be there for women striving to serve their families the way we are called to do as mothers, wives and keepers of our homes. She was and is a good example. Thank you for posting about her character. I hope readers far and wide get it. I think they will because those who faithfully read her site would come to yours too. That is how I found you and I always enjoy your posts.
Candy, if you read this: Thanks for coming back online. I pray for a hedge of protection around you and your family and want to encourage you in some small way to keep it coming. Soooo many ladies did love to hear what you had to say and you have helped a lot of people. You know the story of Jesus going after the one...? You have touched more than one! Don't let the bullies remove your presence from the web. We've all fallen short and so nobody is perfect but we are all shown tender mercy from God and can have His forgiveness. I hope that is what some of those who persecute you will turn to.
God bless you ladies who care about others and whose desire is to bless and encourage. If those are your pure efforts, He will reward you.

Anneatheart said...


Ok, so you didn't just vanish :) I couldn't imagine you guys without a computer you know? Do you have a different email now? I tried the old one it came right back. If so, can ya send me a line or two about what's up? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Im momto4blessings and I enjoy your sight and have immensley enjoyed candy's site too.

I think when reading someones blog we always have to keep in mind that none of us are not there to hear the persons words which include tone of voice and everything that comes with the expression of language through sound. Also to add to that the fact that we don't see a person to see there smile or wink or light heartedness or anything else dealing with parts of our body to communicate in speech/language.

Wth all of this we need to (If we are christians) always think the better and put the best construction on things especially if we are reading from another brother or sisters (In the Lord)site. Also we are their guest. They can choose to write and not write and come and go as they please. There the ones who started their blog and so I expect that as with anything in our lives sometimes we have a change of course or decide to end something for the time being or move on to another hobby or whatever you want to call it to be. There's always some change in all our lives of some kind and yes none of us likes change much but with life it comes.

I guess my point is (Not to you but to some that are offened by Candy ending her site) that as christian adults lets be careful how we are ussing our computer time and make sure we are woman in the word and reading His word dependant on Him not a blog. It's natural to feel dissapointed and sad that a wonderful great site we really liked had ended but just thank god for the time it was available to us. Lets make sure we are all depending on God not any site or any person. And live life and be joyful in the lord for all we have and all thats from him thats been given to us but for a time. Instead of being offended lets thank and praise the Lord for all he has given us including the blessing of many, many great christ ceneterd sites to help us along our journey. One of them which was candy's and maybe she'll start something up again or maybe not (i hope she does again).

I say this in all with nothing but love and respect with a Big smile saying this (writing this) to myself most of all. All you sisters in the Lord are all so preciouse to Him lets keep faithful giving our hearts and our homes and all we are to our saviour and Lord jesus christ.

Candy, thanks for all your hard work and efforts and time. May god richly bless all you and your family do- He will! And I respect whatever you decide to do.


Truly Blessed said...

I am really sorry to hear that Candy is no longer blogging. I think her site was the first one I read and got me into reading blogs. My family loved her recipes. I really learned a lot from her. I am saddened that people have nothing better to do than to be so hateful! Hopefully, she will be back online in the future.

Hunter80223 said...

I am glad you posted this Jessica. I am glad to have you back Candy!

Dani said...

Thanks for the info Jessica. I'm not even a Christian but I adored Candy and never found her the least bit offensive to a pagan like me. Candy's site was a daily stop. I was bereft when she disappeared. But MAN, how excited I am for her! Homesteading! How cool is that?! You know, it's because of good Christian homemakers like you and Candy that inspired me to make my own products at home. I know it will sound crazy but you all are what pagan housewives should be like. Oh I hope Candy's new site will still have her bread formulas. I never did get around to trying that...

Oooh maybe Candy will share some gardening secrets. My plants still cower in fear when they see me coming!