February 14, 2009

Patterns from the past

Am I resurrecting the early 90s?? I can't figure out why I am so drawn to these patterns.

Does it have to do with the comfort of childhood memories?

Will I look like a frump?

I still like them though....

My children won't care...they'll still be cute, but, me??

Should I dare to be different or should I suppress this urge? Should I go ahead and curl my bangs into a big puff and hairspray it solid??


Sarah said...

Make the dresses, but leave your hair alone. It is cute the way it is!:) I think these dress patterns are really cute! Go for it, Jessica!

Kristi said...

I keep hearing about how to be "fashionably modest" with a heavy emphasis on the fashion but I am bent more toward those "really classic" looks and I struggle with how to bring them up to date. I think the most overwhelming aspect to your dresses are the collars, but in the end, fashion is just an outward display of your own personality, so if you like them, go for them!!! Try making one and seeing how you like it, what it feels like to wear and so on...pregnant women can get away with a lot of different styles!!! As for the frump...I am beginning to think that "frump" is a state of mind more than a manner of dressing. Feel pretty

Tereza said...

Those dresses are not flattering at all!! I think if it's not flattering it's not feminine!
They might look cute on tiny little girls though.

Anonymous said...

My first instinct is:
It's just the pregnancy horomones, don't do it to yourself :P

Mary said...

LOL on the bangs. Crispy bangs were soooo cool!

Keep the patterns, but don't sew them. Maybe they hold sentimental value to you. Pregnancy is not a good time to try to change your style. ALthough, you would be beautiful in a burlap sack. It's the hormones talkin' girl.

Mary in TN
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