February 16, 2009

Time in the Valley

Yall are so funny. I don't actually own those patterns I posted, however I did order the one at the bottom. Can you believe I paid $12 for it? LOL! I'm going to prove you all wrong though- I will make it work. I am going to add ties to the sides and try to do it without the collar. I wore dresses similar to these the last two months of pregnancy and I thought I looked cute. But that was me.

I did find some more modern ones for a blouse and dress that I'm sure you will like much better :)

I am going to post about something that is quite a touchy subject amongst Christians.

Does God desire for us to go through the valley, or suffer, here on the earth???

I am going to say no He doesn't. This is where many people get their backs up, because of church doctrine that they've grown up in. We do live in a fallen world, we do have an enemy that hates us and tries to ruin our lives, but God hasn't left us here without any kind of equipment to fight this off.

I believe that the heart of God is love; He is love and that His desire is for our good all the time. His desire is for us to be prosperous, healthy and powerful, walking here on the earth just as Jesus did. If we don't listen to Him and disobey, then we have the consequences of those actions to deal with. It is our responsibility how things go here.

For instance, I have been in a 'valley' so to speak the last couple of weeks. First we had a weekend where my oldest was sick all night long and dh and I were up all night too. Then that Monday, my second child came down with stomach flu, then Wed. night I had it as well as dh, ended up in the ER for dehydration and found that I had UTI, then Saturday night we both got a mild case of it again, then yesterday morning my oldest had fever and was ill with upper respiratory stuff and now my youngest has pink eye and snot.

Now I know that God doesn't bring this stuff on us. Luke 10:10 says " It is the thief who comes to steal, and to kill and to destroy. But I have come that you might have life and life more abundantly."

If God put sickness on us, why was Jesus able to heal all those afflicted with illnesses? So, why did we get sick then??

For one, I believe that confessing God's Word daily, is key to building your faith. The more you hear it, the more it becomes real inside.

" Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God."Rom. 10:17

My husband and I have been so busy with moving etc. that we haven't spent time on our relationship with the Lord. There hasn't been a lot of Bible reading, praying and speaking God's Word. So when an attack comes, which the Bible says it is coming regardless of if you're ready or not, we weren't as prepared to deal with it.

When I was really strong in my faith and in God's Word, one night I woke up feeling bad- sore throat and achy I guess- and I began to speak God's Word, some healing scriptures with my mouth. It went away and I went right back to sleep. Because I had grounded those things in me, I spoke with authority and power.
This time around, I was racking my brain trying to remember what I needed and I wasn't confident in His Word.
However I will say, at one point I was standing over the toilet about to throw up, and I really jumped on it speaking all the scripture I knew of healing and conquering the enemy and it went away. I didn't throw up. But the second time around, I felt even worse, and was tired of battling. So I stopped and allowed myself to be sick and began saying things that were contrary to His Word. So you see, it can change that quick.

Our feelings and what can see and hear is what gets us in trouble. We must look to the unseen, and remain focused on what God said no matter what. That's hard. But we can do all things through Christ.

So back to my question, no I don't think God causes us to go through hard times. I think we are the ones responsible because He has already given us the tools for success in the Bible. It's up to us to use it. God never left us when we were ailing, He was there. But we are the ones with Christ in us, we have authority over sickness and disease just like He did. God won't do for us what we can do for ourselves. It's like we're partners- we do our part and He does His part.

I hope this makes sense. I had many interruptions.
I have another thought provoking post coming up as well about our bodies. I don't have time to do it now, but will get to it later. It's really good I promise!


Leah said...

Such an interesting things to think on, Thank you.

Saved, Not Stupid said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly. We too have been going through an attack here at our home, and it's just been awful. But God will always be faithful if you stand on His Word. I'll pray for you and your family.

true blessings said...

This is a really good post. And I totally believe in speaking the word of God, I do it often ,especially when my kids are at it! LOL when they hear me, they'll start shouting "Hallelujah!!"

Mrs. Darling said...

Great post. I dont pretend to know the mind of God but I do know that when we go through the fire and through the valleys He has promised to go with us. Isaiah 43:2