February 6, 2009

The New Old House Pictures

I did take pictures on Wednesday, but yesterday was busy and I was gone from home and didn't have much time to upload.

While I am thankful to be moved finally, I still have to get everything organized and placed right. So, I'm sure things will change around. Anyways....

This is the first room you see when you walk in the door. We used it as the main living room before, but I decided it would be better used as a play room/computer office thing since I'm in the kitchen a lot and need to be able to see the girls. So far they play really well in there, and all the toy mess stays in there and not in their rooms or the other rooms of the house. Of course then you have to be prepared for it to look awful most of the time :) We had just cleaned it up before I took the pictures, and they had already scattered some stuff by the time I got the camera!

Here's the other side of the room, to your right.

If you turn left you'll see the kitchen straight across. The divider of the two rooms is a wooden banister thing.

A closer look in the kitchen part. One downer about the huge white sink- I can pile more dishes in there than my dishwasher can hold!

That's my sourdough starter in that jar, but it must have died because I could never revive it :(

Here is our living room- no toys allowed :)

Go down the hallway, and the first door to the left is my oldest two girls' room. It's not too pretty right now until we get shades/blinds for the windows. I want to get good ones, so we have to price them etc.

The next room is Sarah's...again, nothing much as of yet.

In the lower right corner you can see the edge of our baby cradle. We just set it on the floor and Sarah decided she must sleep in it, so she has :) Daddy finally moved it last night so she's back in her bed again. So funny- she's having a hard time letting go of babyhood- still wants the pacifier and diapers, but she's cooperating better with the potty now.

And here's our room. It is quiet ugly, but as soon as we work out a budget I'm going to start planning out what to do with it. I haven't had a pretty room in about 5 years, so this time, ours gets first priority :)

Next we head back to the living room and on the right side is the laundry room. Everyone is so impressed with it because it's so big. Compared to my laundry 'closet' at the other house, yes, it's huge!!

This picture only shows half of it, but I couldn't get a better angle. Our dog's huge kennel is to the left, and there's a storage room where that door is, which is a good size and is actually organized, I just didn't feel like showing it :)

So that's that. We've been here almost a month already! Time does fly...


Kelly said...

Are you still planning to move to Michigan?

Mary said...

I absolutely love your kitchen, especially the floor and the backsplash behind the stove.

As for your bedroom, I see blues ans yellows in your future...

Kim said...

Your hosue is very nice! thanks for showing us pictures! It seems really big!

Kristi said...

Your house looks nice! I really liked how well everything looks!!! We are getting ready to move into some incredibly tight quarters, so it's fun getting to see what other people have done with moving. I love your kitchen!!! Hope everything is going well for you!

wifeandmom said...

I love your home! It looks so airy and spacious. Clean and shiny too. Very inviting.

Rose said...

You have a beautiful home.
And, I love your kitchen
Thanks for sharing


Suzanne said...

Very cozy and inviting!