February 2, 2009

Just stuff

Praise the Lord!!!

We are finally done with moving. My house is turned upside down right now, but at least it will be the last time I have to organize it. All is left at the other place is a nasty fridge to clean out and the swing set.

Moving I think, is so overwhelming. And those are my nice words. I have now moved three times in 1.5 years...I am so done with moving. Now watch my husband get a call to Michigan next month :) Maybe by then we will get organized about it...instead of haphazardly throwing stuff in boxes and driving them over, LOL.

Ok, I've been doing some research, and after I get the house back together I will be starting my healthy eating/exercising regime. I need to eat nutrient dense foods that aren't terribly high in calories :) I mean, of course I need to eat eggs and protein and stuff, but fruits and veggies are highest in vitamins and minerals, so I should focus on that, with fat and protein and good carbs to help sate my tummy :)

Ok, to answer a few questions.

1. My hair. It is naturally curly. Oddly enough when I'm pregnant, it goes straighter. If I wash my hair in the morning and blowdry it, it doesn't curl well. So this is what I do, I wash it and condition it at night, spray some volumizing spray and scrunch it with curling mousse and uh, go to bed :) When I wake up it's curly and pouffy and dry. Then I tease it a little in the back to even it all out, and start using my clippies to get it out of my face. I need to take a new picture of it because it's growing. So much that I can use a large claw clip to pull the back of it up. I wash my hair twice a week, and I have gotten perms before when my hair was in the preggo stage, which helped if you can deal with the super tight curls.

2. My taste in music. I used to be a contempory Christian music listener only. The rock and roll stuff, was, well evil wasn't it?? Then one day , when I was in 8th grade, my youth leader played Jesus Freak by DC Talk. Talk about a pardigm shift!! I discovered a deep need for the loud and raw and power of distortion guitar and drums. As time went on I discovered that I really loved the heavy stuff, and when I would find the band that combined that sound with amazing lyrics, well... When my husband and I were just in 'friend' mode, he was in a heavy rock band. The whole house shook with the power of the amps and subwoofers!!! Oh but I loved it and they were really good. They actually recorded a cd and played in clubs, even though it was Christian music. I miss those days...

Anyways, while I prefer the tough and loud, I do also love worship music, so I mix in Third Day and Delirious and whatever else I hear that catches my fancy. To me, sometimes there just has to be passion in music, especially when it's about God. There's so much more you can express with music than with words. Every once in awhile I'll tune into the contempory Christian radio, and generally after one song that's enough and it just starts ticking me off, so on to the CDs we go :) I'm sure it looks very odd to see a young woman with all little girls and the rock blaring, but that's just us.

I'm so glad to have made it to the three month mark now, I can breathe a little easier. Having a miscarriage makes one a little more wary of things in successive pregnancies. But then that means only 6 months left!

Ok, must go begin laundry and attack the house. Maybe I'll take some pics.

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Sarah said...

I feel you on the moving. We once moved three times in 10 months. It was awful. I don't know if you can get the station in your neck of the woods, 89.7 is a Christian alternative station where I live in Texas. I can usually get it as far as Commerce, but I am not sure it would reach the Tyler area. It is worth a shot, though.