February 10, 2009

To find out or not????

Real quick here. I'm in sort of a dilemma. With my other three children, we always found out the gender of the baby at the 20+ week ultrasound. I always felt the need to be prepared.

However, my husband and I have discussed the possibility of waiting till birth on this one. I love the idea of my husband running out shouting 'It's a boy!!!' if we do have a baby boy this time. I love the idea of how surprising it will be.

But, oh the pressure!! Everyone is just dying to know if it's a boy or not and every time I go anywhere I get the questions- Are you gonna find out? When will you find out the sex? You know we'll give you an awesome shower if it's a boy. ' What about if it's a girl? She needs stuff too :)

So, my blogger friends, what should I do???? I'm beginning to falter. My next ultrasound is in the middle of March, so not a lot of time left to decide, plus the possibility that we may accidentally see the gender anyways. (We've become very good at spotting a girl)


Brandy said...

It's up to y'all.

With our oldest (who's 5 now), we tried to find out, but she kept herself hidden ... so she was a surprise until she was born.

With our youngest, I wanted it to be a surprise, but caved to the pressure. Jason's mother refused to do neutral colored ANYTHING. So we found out.

I like the surprise aspect better, honestly. Next child, Lord willing, everyone will just have to learn some patience or learn to love neutral colored things lol

Kristi said...

I vote for finding out, but I could never stand the wait! No matter what you decide, people will still have questions to ask...they'll ask about names and due dates and so on...so don't do it just to avoid the questions!!! If you are having a boy and you don't find out, are you okay with a baby shower full of green and yellow? That is the very (silly) reason that made me decide to find out the sex of my second baby!

My Life With Boys said...

I just typed out this big long comment and my computer acted up. I think I lost it. =( Grrr...anyways, yes, I would love to make you a bag. I have to get fabric for two other diaper bags this week and I can look for you too. Let me know when you want it. I'll e-mail about payment- I'm not picky. Have a great night and I hope you're all feeling better!

Jess said...

This is a decision that you and your hubby will have to make. It is totally up to you all. However you are right after having so many ultrasounds you usually know what you are looking at, when I had my ultrasound for my little girl (I had two boys before her) we wanted to know, I was wanting to buy something pink so bad, anyways before the tech could tell me she was a girl I knew it. Her legs was open and I had seen my boys ultrasound that I knew what they looked like and it was totally different. The tech said "How will your boys feel like having a sister?" and I smiled and said "Great" So if you do decide to not find out you may anyway if you know what you are looking for.

Anonymous said...

I think that it would be fun to let it be a suprise. Just imagine that moment, just like you said in your post, about your husband being able to make the announcement and for you too, when the doctor says it's a baby boy/girl. Either way there's still going to be EXCITEMENT!! Also greens and yellows are'nt too bad, at least it would'nt be all pinks or all blue.

prayzgod said...

Well, as you know, I never had ultrasounds with any of my four, so it was always a surprise.

It was so hard to wait to find out, but WOW, it sure is great when I did find out.

After three boys (which is great) I figured I just "make boys." Then, my fourth being a girl - I shouted "It's a girl!"

It's worth the wait. ;-)

Anonymous said...

It is kind of like Christmas. It doesn't matter if you open your gifts on Christmas day or two days before. It is whats inside the box that counts, right? I had it both ways with my children. The first two I knew and the third, I did not. In the end, I wish I would have known so I could be better prepared. I think it is fine to use the techknowledgy that they have now to find out sooner.

liz from new york said...

people thought i was strange for not finding out, but it was always fun to be surprised...the health of the babies were my concerns, i always said "ya cant send it back", so ya gotta take what He gives ya!

His Tender Mercies said...

With my first 4 children I found out their sex. With my 5th I did not have an ultrasound so I didn't have the option to find out. I thought all along the baby was a girl. When she was born and I saw it was a girl it was such an exciting moment. I loved not knowing! If I have anymore children I would like to do it the same way.
The only bad thing about not knowing is not being prepared with clothes.When I was pregnant with my 5th I remember seeing cute little dresses on clearance for $2 and really wanting to get them but didn't since I didn't know what I was having. I think if I could do it over again I would have bought the clothes and then could have blessed someone else with them if I couldn't have used them.

Anonymous said...

I didn't find out with any of my children and enjoyed the suspense and surprise. Most of the extended family was upset because they wanted to know and other family members had set the precedent by finding out.

We actually did bring a videotape to the ultrasounds and just turned away when they were in the pelvic region. Then we stored our videotape until after the birth when we watched it to see if it had been labeled "boy/girl" correctly by the technician. All 3 were right...BOY.

BTW - I had a friend at church who didn't want to know. She took an envelope to her ultrasound and the technician wrote down "boy", put it in the envelope and sealed it. Then my friend brought the envelope to church and gave it to my mom and I. So we knew and kept the secret and were able to buy gender-specific clothes.

Another mom of 3 - but all boys