February 27, 2009

You just never know what's gonna happen

I can't believe this.

Just yesterday, I had settled it in my mind that I was having a c-section. I was fine with it and accepting the fact that for whatever reason, that is my path.

When I got home from being out all day and checked my email, there was one from a midwife I had written to earlier in the week. She has agreed to consult with me today. I knew that was going to happen!!! I really don't know what to think at all, which is why I agreed to meet with her because I want to see what kind of person she is and how it 'feels'.

This would have to be of God, because she doesn't take insurance and I just don't know how we would pay her up front the full cost. But, it doesn't hurt to check it out, huh? I pray I can find her- she's in a town 40 miles away that I'm not familiar with. Wow, I just can't believe this!

Tonight my husband and I get the treat of attending a Christian comedian event by Tim Hawkins. This fella is hilarious, and clean and I'm guaranteed to be laughing my head off. Here's a clip of him:

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His Tender Mercies said...

It will be neat to hear what she has to say.