February 13, 2009

Catching up day

Yay for eating real food!

I ate a real dinner last night and breakfast this morning. Feels great :) And I got caught up on the lost sleep- thank the Lord for phenergan when you need it.

I'm feeling pretty much back to normal today, which is good because I have some catching up to do. We tidied the house last night so it's not too bad, but I have some extra laundry to do, including my bedding, which is a chore since it's the huge king size bed.

But first, I am taking a shower. I was too weak for it last night.

Then finish dishes and start laundry

Tidy up around the house

Re-plan our menu

clean out the fridge- my least favorite task

go to the store to finish my shopping

start some chicken broth from the rotisserie chicken dh picked up for dinner yesterday.

I think that's it. I pray I can at least get the first three done and make it to the store.

On a good note, yesterday after 5 minutes of prodding, the ER nurse was able to pick up baby's heartbeat with the little machine and my uterus has grown enough to be able to measure it. The heart rate was 170 beats per minute!! I've never had one so high before, but then again it's still tiny.

I'm still not sure what to do about finding out the gender. Part of me wants to find out and be prepared, and use its name so the girls get used to it. But then, I kind of want to be different too. Decisions, decisions.


liz from new york said...

i really give you alot of credit for being able to blog right after that stomach thing..i just got over it and i literally spent the week on the couch, i got it the worst, the rest of the family not as bad, but the thing i noticed with this virus is the super sharp pains in the belly, never had THAT happen, and it knocks you on your butt! anyway, i agree with you, some conspiracy going on, nobody used to get sick like this...

Anonymous said...

A friend has a daughter who is only two years old. After seven days of the stomach virus she took him to the doctor (he wasn't acting dehydrated, I guess). The doctor said there is a stomach bug going around that lasts 10 DAYS. Good grief. I can't imagine pukeing for ten days with all the other symptoms as well. I've heard there are two viruses going around ~ a respiratory one and a tummy one.
Don't get up too quickly! I often make this mistake and my rebound is slower.
Praying for you!