February 12, 2009

Turn of events

What an eventful 24 hrs.

Last night my stomach wasn't feeling well.

I went to bed at 8:30 and slept a bit, then woke up to, oh joy, throw up. Great, not again!

I spent the night vomiting, writhing in major abdominal pain and finally, decided I should call our local hotline where I can talk to a nurse. (Oh yeah, dh was sick too, just not as bad)

She told me to go to the ER. So, hubby isn't well enough to take me, I can't drive myself, so I have to call and wake up my parents 30 minutes away. They come and my dad hits the couch while my mom drives me to the ER.

Tangent for a minute: where I live, the nearest city is about 30 minutes away. Typically I would go there for medical needs, but I just didn't feel I could make it that long in the car. I live in a cluster of small towns and one nearby has a hospital. I had heard bad things about it, but I felt it would be ok especially since I might be the only one there.

So we arrived around 5 am and they were awesome. Turns out I was dehydrated (that was fast! I only threw up for about 4 hours) and had a UTI. So I get an IV, they check the baby out and give me meds to stop any nausea/gas pains.

Such drama. My husband is still feeling unsettled, but I honestly don't have a lot of sympathy for him, lol. He's mostly upset he didn't get any sleep, but neither did I and I was upchucking! I didn't think we would catch this thing because we had on Christmas. Apparently the whole area is being attacked by the flu and some of the school have had to be closed down.

Oddly enough I never once felt nauseous- just like I had a stomach ache, a heaviness. Now I'm dealing with the achy bones flu part, wahh. I have yet to eat and dh is at the store filling some prescriptions for me and buying gatorade. Good grief! Now I gotta call my doctor and try to get in earlierbecause that's what the ER doc told me to do. Does your immune system go down when pregnant?? I have never ever been sick like this twice in two months.

My idea- a conspiracy- somebody is performing germ warfare or something. When I was a kid, no adults caught stomach viruses, only kids. Now everyone gets it. Either they mutated and got stronger or someone is creating more powerful ones.

Well, I'm gonna try some yogurt now. Will play with the blog later....


His Tender Mercies said...

Sorry to hear you've been sick. It's hard enough dealing with the pregnancy stuff....add the flu to it yuck! : (
I've heard your immunity is lower (so your body will not reject the baby) during pregnancy leaving you more supceptable to germs/viruses.

I had some flu bug with my first pregnancy ....threw up all night and day...finally went to the ER for IV fluids....that helped alot.

It does seem though every so often there are outbreaks of REALLY bad viruses that affect even adults.

Tereza said...

Tat happened to me once during one of my pregnancies. I didn't even know what hit me!! They said you can easily dehydrate quickly when pregnant!! take care of yourself!

Joy Comes in the Morning said...

I stayed sick through this last pregnancy. I believe I caught everything possible. On a better note, baby girl arrived last weekend. I will post pics to my blog soon. Hope you feel better. Blessings