February 21, 2009

Just wanted to talk...

About Kenneth Copeland~

I totally understand that his teaching is rather, well, radical sounding to some. Especially to those who have never heard any type of message about releasing faith to do things Jesus did. The Bible says that we have an inward witness, the Holy Spirit. It says to 'test the spirits' and if you have peace, then all is well. If not, then you need to leave it alone.

I have literally grown up listening to his teachings. At a very young age I was able to discern the spirits- bad ones and God. I mean at a very young age, like 7-8 years old. I loved the Lord so much at a young age He seemed to have blessed me with wisdom and understanding beyond my years. I"m not puffing myself up at all, I am just trying to give you a clear picture about how I 'know' what is truth and what is not.

Awhile back Kenneth was charged with some kind of legal thing, because he is soooo blessed financially by God, that I guess he and some other ministers were being scrutinized as well. But you know what, just look at Abraham in the Bible. He was like the richest man in the world! All because he obeyed God's commands and acted in faith. And God gave him the blessing, which we can now have because of Jesus. All Kenneth did was exercise his faith on God's Word, and he was blessed too, as every Christian can be.

I just love that man, because he is fun to listen to, he is honest and open, and is very careful to only say what he receives from the Holy Spirit. He is not concerned with himself or what others think about him- he obeys the Lord regardless. Just go take a look at him- he is in his 70s and looks great! He practices what he preaches. No I don't know him personally, but after listening to him for years and years, I know he is the real deal. I urge you to listen with an open mind. You can have peace during this time of trepidation, knowing that you are on the winning side and that God is going to take care of you. You're not on the world's system of commerce- if you lovingly tithe in His kingdom, expect blessing. God has so richly blessed us lately, not just in finances but in faith and joy and peace, because we rest in Him, because we've received such awesome teachings!

My own pastor is very much like Kenneth Copeland, and even though he doesn't really listen to him, sometimes they will preach the same things around the same time. So, I know it is the Lord, because how could they be speaking the same things?? They are so attuned to the Spirit's voice and they have my trust. I am not tossed about and blown back and forth in the wind, I have a firm foundation in God's truth, and eat the meat of the Word. I ask God to show me, and He does, many times through someone else, especially when life is so wild it's hard to hear the still small voice.

Anyways, that's my defense for Mr. Copeland. I doubt he would care because he's only interested in what God thinks of him :) But for others, don't shy away from something because it's different. Allow yourself to be open and find out for yourself what the truth is. You will be pleasantly surprised :)


vehementflame said...

Hey there. I have been meaning to go listen to those sermons- Our internet is so slow. I relly liked your post yesterday and today. I linked you in my post today (for one of your recipes) I got made fun of once for liking erenst angely- we always listened to him when we were kids.

Saved, Not Stupid said...

We love Kenneth Copeland here. My husband's family used to go to his big annual conventions. I've learned that you have to listen to God's discernment, and not man's. I've also noticed that pastors and preachers go into fashion and out of fashion, but the ones that stick with the Word of God are always there, and never compromise His word. I also like Jesse Duplantis. He's hilarious!