February 4, 2009

I exercised...and it hurts

Ouch!!! I'm stiff and sore!!!

I did my pregnancy workout the first time yesterday. I purposely didn't push myself as hard as I could because I know all too well that you will pay the next day. And then exercising will not be attractive for a whole week. I did feel good though, afterwards, just tired. Probably within a month of consistently doing it I will be able to do the whole thing without getting really tired. Then maybe I can move on to something tougher.

I'm planning on doing a picture post soon of my house, now that I'm finally done moving stuff over. I'm not done unpacking though, but I guess since I'm so 'real' I can show you the reality of what it is right now :) I have been feeling rather guilty for not keeping things up like I used to. I used to make breakfast for my dh every morning and lately, I just, um, don't. By the time I get Leiah dressed, fed and her lunch made I just run out of juice.

I need to make some things ahead so that it's there for him, but I don't know what to make. He prefers to eat eggs everyday, and you can't really precook a whole bunch of eggs and just rewarm them...I don't want him eating fast food every morning though.

Soooo, we'll see how the day goes. Maybe I'll do some pictures. Don't hold your breath though!!

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Anonymous said...

For breakfast lately I have been making two things ahead of time, which we eat most of the week. The first is a soaked, baked oatmeal. Because I am doing low carb right now I am also doing an egg bake for myself. I bake them both on Monday or Tuesdays and then just cut out what we want and reheat it every morning. No one has complained so far :).