February 3, 2009

What's a blog?

I'm trying to figure out, why do we blog? What is it for? When I first started out, I really wanted to follow someone else's format and be in the 'group'. I was new and had lots of interesting things to share about myself.

Now that it has been almost two years since I started, I'm wondering what I'm doing. Do you all really get that interested in my daily life? What do I say on here that's all that encouraging or even worth reading?? I say this in a laughing tone by the way. I'm not feeling down or anything like that, just thinking.

What is my blog about? Well, I guess it's just about me. I didn't have any real 'theme' I was going for or any specific purpose to creating the blog. I have a little bit of everything on here, which is why it's so me, because that's the way I am in real life. I've done a little bit of everything and I'm interested in lots of things. Right now I'm mostly talk and not a lot of action. But I am planning to act soon!

**********Edited here, adding more to my post*******************

I will say what I like about other people's blogs. I really do enjoy getting to see other people's lives. I am slightly nosey and I like 'seeing' other people's real homes, what they cook, what they wear, what kind of soap they use, their decor etc. I don't know exactly why, but I just do. I guess because of my isolated-ness, you know, no one around here is a friendly stay at home mom of little ones, I get to connect with others in my same boat. Maybe that's why, even if all someone talks about is their crazy day, I find that I am genuinely interested in if they took a shower or not that day, or managed to get the dishes done etc.

I will say, that if you enjoy my random bits of life talked about on my blog, then that means you actually like ME! And we would have a great time together in real life, because I am what I am, what you see is me.
Glad I got the revelation. Thanks Kristi :)

I haven't forgotten about my Faith and Words series. The book has been found again, so I can write some more on that. I still haven't forgotten my frugal meals on the sidebar or my make it yourself label. I just haven't been doing much frugal-ness as of late. And, blessedly, I don't really have to so much anymore. But it's good to know how to make do with household items just in case. As our lives change, our primary focus changes as well.

Before, I was so centered on my home and how spotless it should be, how perfectly healthy our food should be etc. Now, well, a normal messy house doesn't irk me as much. A really messy one does. Not doing the dishes at night is no big deal, whereas before I couldn't stand it! Piled up laundry is just a fact of life...healthy eating is whole grain cereal for breakfast and homemade meals for dinner. I still have cultures I work with, except sourdough starter. I don't know if it's still alive or not. I still soak our oatmeal and beans, when I remember :)

However, we got our deposit back from a landlady, so we plan to use that money to buy up supplements from Dr. Schulze and possibly some grassfed beef/lamb, since it's so high in iron, which I will need. And I am going to start buying raw milk again and hopefully can find a local source for eggs and chicken. So, it's in progress.

As far as homemaking goes, I just haven't been all that inspired about what I do lately. I enjoy taking care of my family, but I haven't been finding great delight in it, simply because of the moving and my body. I need to find some uplifting material to renew my zeal :)

And of course I didn't remember to take pictures yesterday of my cleaning/organizing, but I got a lot done. And just in time too, because a long time friend of my husband's randomly dropped by-- and we hadn't seen him in three years. I didn't even cook, but had leftovers from a special meal I made last Friday and reheated them. I had just enough and he really enjoyed it, phew.

Speaking of which, he introduced us to this comedian, and since we have no other entertainment to watch, we sit on youtube sometimes and laugh at people like this:


Anonymous said...

I read your blog beacuse you are a very real person. You write who you are. They are you and I happen to like you for that even though I have never met you.

Kristi said...

I have been thinking about those very same issues myself lately. I haven't been consistently blogging as long as you have, but I read a post not too long ago talking about how to write a good blog...I was breaking all the rules! I have no real clear focus, except that it revolves around me, my life and (mostly) my thoughts and/or feelings, whatever it is that I'm dealing with at that moment. I wonder if anyone even likes reading it. I know I don't have a large crowd that harken to my every word (and I'm intimidated at the thought of that possibility).

I can tell you why I like reading blogs. I like getting glimpses into other people's lives. I love knowing when other people deal with similar issues and come to the same (or different) conclusions. Basically, it is a way of getting in touch with other women and "experiencing" life with them. I really like reading your blog because I see similarities and differences and they are encouraging to me.

I am sure that was completely muddled and confusing, so suffice it to say that I just plain like reading your blog!

liz from new york said...

well i think your such a sweetie-pie, and trying real hard to do stuff the proper way, and you remind me alot of myself when i was your age too..! you have also given me the inspiration to try blogging myself, it's almost cathartic, kind of like writing in a diary, which i have always done, but the bonus is getting feedback, and validation. i'll let you know if i start one soon!!

vehementflame said...

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Sharon said...

I guess I'm nosy too. But I also am not always zealous about my duties and I get great encouragement from all of you other ladies living real lives. Hopefully, I can do the same.