February 19, 2009

Baby steps on getting it together

I'm postponing the post I promised the other day (how's that for alliteration?).

Lately I've felt so...like I don't have things together. When you are used to a certain level of activity, and it suddenly shifts, it's hard to accept the newer level of activity and be satisfied. Does that make sense at all?

For instance, before this pregnancy, I was always working on something. I rarely sat and watched TV or stayed on the computer for hours. I generally had the laundry done and the kitchen cleaned, and something cooking or brewing. I got up on time and made lunches and breakfasts and had daily cleaning chores and time for crafts/sewing. I worked in the garden and canned pickles.

But then, this body couldn't quite stay with that level of activity after it started growing a new life and then got sick. So, things went down considerably. Now that I'm doing a lot better and am having more productive days than tired days, I'm feeling like I need to attain what I had before. All that to say, I don't feel well in control. I need a plan.

1. My home management binder is too big and not a real help right now. I need to change something there.
2. We're still in the unpacking stage of moving- like all the pictures are still on the floor and shelves and there are still blankets on the kids' windows. I need to reorganize my kitchen and do some decluttering/condensing of stuff again.
3. I do still have tired days when I can't seem to make myself do much.

However, if I could discipline myself a little better I could get more done. I've allowed myself to get a bit lazy. So, first I've been kind of praying off and on about what I should be doing- what is the most important. I'll list that:

~I know I a daily dose of the Word of God- I feel thirsty inside for it.
~My children need more one on one time and training. Things like showing them how to do certain chores and getting those in place for when the baby comes and I need help; pottying, and working with them on their basic preschool knowledge as well as more about God.
~My husband is not neglected at all, but I would like to do more for him.
~Nutrition is very high on the list; I've experience first hand now what happens when you aren't eating well.
~I like a tidy house, so that obviously takes some effort :)
~Gotta get up early- this seems to be something I'm going to have to get myself accustomed to for, well, I guess until my children are grown :)

I have a morning routine and one in the evening, but it's hard to do it as late as I have been. As many things that really need to be done, it would help greatly if I could do it earlier. I realize that life happens though, which is why we do routines not schedules. I just cannot be a scheduled person, and I confess, many times the evening routine don't get done :) Too tired!!!

So, I'm going to adopt the 'What about Bob' mentality- baby steps. My goal is to get up at 5:30 to get the day started, however, I will probably have to work up to that. 6:30 am is hard enough as it is :)
If I get up then, get myself dressed, quick clean the bathroom, and get things rolling in the kitchen, I can relax a bit and maybe have some tea and read my Bible. Then I'm not rushed.

Right now, I get up at 6:30, potty, go straight to my daughter's room, get her up and dressed, fix hair, go to kitchen (by now the other two are up) give Leiah a bowl of cereal and make her lunch. She's out the door at 7:10. Sometimes I get her lunch made the day before, bit it's not common.

So that's the first goal. Get an early morning thing established. Next I need to get a regular meal prep day each week and regular exercising. Baby steps...


vehementflame said...

You are so sweet- Thank You for all your kind words and prayers. I know exactly what you mean by not being together- We just had baby #3 and I feel like maybe I'm finally getting back in the swing of it. Honey- be lazy while you can - You won't get that rest when #4 is here! My whole plan revolved aroung geting up earlier too- You are so brave getting up at 5:30 (gasp)! I try really hard to read my Bible every day- It's beenn working real good since the new Year started..and it helps so much. Well talk to you soon- I added you to my blog roll. Hope you can get get the things done that you want...

Saved, Not Stupid said...

I can sooooooo relate to your post today. I've been feeling the same way. We've had all kinds of sickness and just plain old mess going through our home here. I think part of the problem, at least here in our home, is that we are news junkies. There's always something new and negative to be reported on. So, we're going on a news fast. I talked about it, among other things, on my blog yesterday with my husband.

I hope you feel better soon and get everything moving in the direction you want. I'll be doing the get everything back in order and organized thing in our home this weekend.


Dora said...

Take it easy girl. Nothing wrong with having a plan and routine but you're not a slave to it. Take care of yourself, you're house will not collapse around you. Prioritise and don't hold yourself to such a high standard. There will be plenty of time to push yourself into doing more.

Take care

Anonymous said...

I understand - I couldn't do anything when I was pregnant. I made a list of the things that were most important to me (such as cleaning the toilet, vacuuming etc) and gave it to my husband. Although it was hard to put up with so much not done it is suprising how much you can get away without being done. Just remember that every day you are growing a baby so every day you have done something productive.