August 4, 2007

Bath Day

I could not resist putting this up on the blog. My husband decided it was bath day for the animals, unfortunately for them. He got the cat to cooperate by feeding it. The cat is a freak when it comes to food, so it didn't care that it was getting wet. Until my husband, I didn't know anyone could bathe a cat. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fergus already had his bath....

All done kitty :) Our cat isn't really a beloved part of the family- he is always getting on my counters scavenging for food, and ends up eating the butter if I don't put it away. He has scratched the kids quite a bit, although they were taunting him, so we put him outside most of the time. This is sort of payback I guess, LOL.


Thirdtimemomma said...

Go to and on the left there is a "forum" link. Click that and go to the sale board. People list there diapers all the time on this site. :) I've been thinking of using the Impse Vimpse trainers for Ben (in awhile. Im not ready to potty train him yet.)

prayzgod said...

My husband never owned a cat growing up, because his dad doesn't like cats. I, on the other hand, owned several.

Early in our marriage, pre-kid, we took in a stray cat for a while. The poor tom cat was rail skinny, and shook and fell over a lot when walking. We gave him a lot of milk and fish and then bought some cat food.

The cat stunk - badly...

We took him to the basement shower and hubby thought that we could wash him there, because that shower was a large stall with no tub, with a big drain and was easy to disinfect after kitty.

Well, that weak cat got ferocious. We ended up letting the water run on him while we closed the shower door and stepped away.

Wow! That weak cat who was barely able to walk was jumping SO HIGH that he almost cleared the top of the shower door. I have never in my life seen a cat jump so high, and would not have expecting any jumping from that poor kitty.