August 15, 2007

Day 3 Dressing Femininely

Well, here we are on the third day of seeing how I dress. I am actually wearing a maternity dress...when you are pregnant 4 times in three years, you tend to only have maternity clothes in your closet. And I am not one of those fortunate people who go back to a normal size after babies- I still look pregnant! Anyways, this is a navy/daisy print dress made of some very soft and flowy fabric, probably rayon again. Babies are mesmerized by this dress- high contrast! It is actually pretty long too- close to ankle length. I also like to pair it with this sheer white eyelet mini-jacket(?). It's very light and covers my undefined arms :) It also works great if you forgot to shave, LOL!! I took it off after the picture so I could scrub a pot. No makeup or jewelry yet, and I will be wearing my same brown sandals as pictured on Monday.

The girls are wearing sporty polo shirts and skorts today- there is playground equipment inside the therapy place, and my girls like to climb all over it with their rears in the air with a dress on. I haven't made up any new bloomers yet either, so these work nicely. Sarah got her hair fixed today- we'll see how long that stays up! She always seems to have a pacifier when I take her picture.

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Sarah said...

Hmmm...I'd say you look about 26 or 27? I'm with ya on the young thing. I always get asked, "They're all yours? You look way too young to have three already!". Well, quit frankly, I am young! I'm only 23! My hubby robbed the cradle! We had our first ten months after getting married- I was 'almost' 19! :)I don't care- that's all I wanted to be- a wife and mommy!