August 25, 2007

Chronicle of My Day

~ This morning I woke up somewhere around 6:30- and very alert! I got up, did a second rinse on my diapers that I washed last night, and got my Bible to read John 8-10. About two minutes later my husband had gotten paged from work and he came in the living room to work on his computer.

~ Around 7:30 I went to the kitchen and started a batch of blueberry streusel muffins and cooked some scrambled eggs with ham and cheese.

~ I put diapers in the dryer and went to check on the older girls. They were awake and playing with their play kitchen. I changed Leiah into a dry pullup and Alexa went potty.

~I made them some chocolate milk to drink while the muffins were baking, then made Sarah her milk bottle and went to check on her. She was playing in her crib. I changed her diaper and brought her in the kitchen.

~ We ate breakfast- dh was still working. I started cleaning up the kitchen and let the girls watch Little Bear.

~ My friend Amanda arrived to help me paint the girls' room. We're all still in pajamas!!!!

~ I got everyone dressed and we went to Wal-Mart to get the rest of the painting supplies we needed.

~ After we got home I started moving all the furniture out of the room and put drop cloths down. Then I started taping off the ceiling and floors.

~Dh was still working...he kept an eye out for the girls while I was working on the bedroom. We started with the primer. After about 30 minutes it was getting close to lunch time, so I came back to make lunch for the girls. Leiah and Alexa had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and mandarin oranges, Sarah and the rest of us ate leftover macaroni and cheese. We drank some very sweet fruit punch- yack!

~ Went back to the primer- me with the roller, my friend with the paintbrush doing edges.

~ Nap time for Sarah. The other two watched Lady and the Tramp and played with their tea set.

~Dh finally got done with working! He took all the outlet covers and such off the walls for us (I forgot about that) and some other things. Then he laid down with the other two girls for a nap in our bed. Sarah woke up right away- two down, one up. I put her in the playpen for awhile.

~ We started with the pink paint. The name of the color is 'Pink Chintz' and is pretty much a pink nightmare! No, it's not bad, it's just very pink, which they love. Dh came out and watched Sarah.

~After the other girls woke up, dh took over the painting while I filled the pool up one last time. It's 4:00 already! They played for awhile in the water and sandbox and the toys. I went inside to finish thawing out some chicken legs and preheat the oven.

~ We came in, got the girls dried off and clothes back on. Then they picked up the huge mess they made with their toys. I put Sarah in the playpen, then got the chicken in the oven. I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, as well as washed some dishes by hand.

~ I made coleslaw, then got a pot of water boiling for the corn on the cob. Matt announced that the room was finished. It was totally done- he even replaced all the outlet covers and removed the tape and cleaned up. WOW! It's so pink in there! I will post pictures soon.

~ I painted the chicken with bbq sauce, made some iced tea and had a surprise visit from my sister. She admired the room and visited a minute.

~ Time to eat! Everyone scarfed their food down. I cleaned up the kitchen and my friend went home.

~We all went back into the girls' room and dh started drawing the mural. I laid on one of their beds watching him and they played with dolls and various items. Alexa is really starting to understand imaginary play now. It's so cute to watch. Sarah 'brushed' my hair with some kind of weird brush for awhile- that was funny.

~It's 8pm, and Sarah is ready for bed. I put her jammies on and made her a small milk bottle and put her to bed. She never made a peep.

~I got the other two in their pjs, then we went to the kitchen to eat a small serving of ice cream. I let them lay on the couch and look at books and watch some cartoons while I blog.

~ Next, dh and I made a list of things we will need for our trip next week and ate a snack. Then I went to take a much needed shower- it's amazing how much you sweat from painting. I hit the sack while dh took a shower. And that's all I can say about bedtime ;)

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I really enjoy your blog. Found it through Candy's site...

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