August 2, 2007

Cloth diapers

I have used cloth diapers on and off since my first two were little. Yes I did cloth with both of them at the same time- like twins! I started out with the prefolds, the kind you have to fold a bit, waterproof wraps that velcro on/off, fitted snap on diapers, wool covers and snappis. When I became pregnant the third time I needed a simpler method, and they were growing out of those. so we bought a dozen fuzzi bunz. They were great! I didn't have enough for both to last more than a day, but with the combination of diapers it worked well. I took a few breaks in there with disposables for one reason or another- moving, the miscarriage, vacation etc.

When I was preggo with Sarah, I bought 20 small fuzzi bunz, thinking she would wear them for awhile because my babies are usually small for awhile. (even though I'm not) Well, she grew out of them pretty quickly. I used disposables until she grew into the other ones I had, then when she got too big for those I passed them on to Candy's baby girl.

So, I was planning to just use the el cheap disposables, but knowing what I know I'd feel much better with her in cloth. The last few days I've been using old flannel receiving blankets and my largest wool covers. It works pretty well, but I have to fold them like the old flat diapers. I actually kind of enjoy it- the fit is much trimmer than fitted or prefolded diapers.

I just placed an order for 8 toddler prefolds, 8 birdseye flats, 2 nylon pull on covers, 2 sets of dritz pins (never used pins before) and some flushable diaper liners. With shipping it was less than $50. Can't beat that. I plan to get another wool cover too. At 17 months, she only goes through 4-5 diapers per day, so with my blankets as back up that should be plenty. Yea!

I'm going to also attempt making some training pants for my oldest. She isn't potty trained yet, and since she doesn't have much speech to really verbalize what she feels, regular training pants don't work. The pull-ups you buy are just like diapers to her- they aren't helping. I found a pattern that has velcro on the sides, so in case there is a poop you can easily clean it up, but they can also pull it on like underwear. I can buy some of the supplies at Wal-Mart, but the waterproof fabric and super absorbant hemp I will have to buy online. I'm kind of nervous about it, because it's very important that the fit is good, and that I don't mess up the expensive PUL fabric :)

Anyways, that's what I've been up to- trying to find everything I want at one store!


prayzgod said...

Yay, I'm really loving cloth diapering, and it's so great when I read other blog posts about it. :-) Thanks for the Fuzzi Bunz. Between those and chinese prefolds and diaper wraps, my baby girl is all cloth diapers all the time. In fact, I don't know what size she'd be in disposables anymore. :-?

Cloth diapering is fun and addictive.

PS - If you are successful in making those training pants, what aobut opening up a WAHM diaper and training pants e-store? I'd love to get some good cloth training pants.

Right now we are alternating between White Cloud disposable training pants, and the Gerber cloth training pants with vinyl pull overs.

Anneatheart said...

I had thought about the idea if I were successful with the training pants that I could sell them. But, that thought scares me a little as far as time and making sure the products were all the same and in great condition. My sewing skills aren't that good yet :)

Thirdtimemomma said...

Have you looked at Motherease fitteds? They have snaps on the sides (sandy's) and if you buy a large size they will pull up and down like a training pant and with vynl covers your good to go.
And if you order used from the Motherease forum you can get them for about 1/2 off.
Where did you end up ordering from? I need some Medium wool covers for Jadon. Im starting to like wool at night :0