August 16, 2007

Day 4 of Feminine Dress

Today I am wearing my all time favorite dress for working around the house. I ordered it from and it's a bit large and the color isn't the best for me. But it wears well, and I don't worry about something happening to it since I already have some paint stained at the hem. I like the two pockets and that it has no zippers or buttons in the back.

I won't be taking pictures of the girls today. I usually work in my kitchen on Thursdays- cleaning appliances/fridge and cooking, plus I forgot my husband and I are to attend a special party for him and his coworkers early this afternoon. (in the lovely August heat) So, that will cut my kitchen day short. I had a long day yesterday and I'm tired, hence the lack of a big smile.

You can also see that my hair is very curly when I go to sleep with it wet:)


Sarah (once again...) said...

It's me again...I just had to comment on this-
Ha,ha, my hubby is 36 too! You thought 'yours' robbed the cradle! :)
I married 15 days after I turned 18!I also had three kids by 23! Funny, you have all girls and we have all boys...

Anneatheart said...

Wow, you definitely 'beat me' on that one :)