August 17, 2007

Day 5 Feminine Dress

Yea Friday! Such a busy week, I'm so tired :)

Today I am wearing a knit top with a blue Hawaiian floral print. It's my favorite. It wasn't too modest until I altered the front so it wouldn't gape open. My skirt is a gored, stretchy denim, also a previous maternity skirt :( But, it really just has an elastic waist, no tummy panel, so it works just fine and still fits, so why not wear it? The skirt is shin length- not too short or too long.
Today's agenda- since there has been no other time this week I must go grocery shopping with the kiddies. Not my favorite thing to do, unless we go early and get a good cart. I also must cram in cleaning bathrooms, floors, dusting, clean out fridge...(I just didn't get to it yesterday with the afternoon party)

Have a good Friday everyone!

Note: Last night when I was at the party for my husband's department, I noticed that every woman there wore short shorts, tank tops or capri pants. I wore a very light dress that I made
(and I plan to get the picture up here too), my hair up, and sandals and I think I was the only one not complaining of the heat. (It was at a lake park) Not that I'm judging other women for not wearing a dress, but I was much cooler with a loose dress blowing around me instead of blue jean capri pants and polyester tank top, which I considered wearing. I did stick out a bit though...oh well :)


Mrs.Garcia said...

Wow all of your dresses are so lovely. I would love to dress more Femininely however at this point and present time I cannot afford to dress more feminine everyday but as soon as I can I will though as long as my Beloved Dear Husband allows.
God Bless,

Anneatheart said...

Mrs. Garcia,

You know it has taken me three years to get to a point where I had enough dresses/skirts to wear a full week's worth. My husband likes me in dresses but also likes for me to wear pants/shorts. It's mostly up to me. he has said he prefers coming to home to me wearing a dress than my stretchy black pants and a t-shirt.

I have gone back and forth with wearing dresses, and I really feel my best and most comfortable with myself in a dress or skirt.

prayzgod said...

That outfit is very slimming on you. The cut on both skirt and shirt work very well for you body type. :-)

I don't stick out so much out here as I did when I was in Colorado. I was one of the only modest, feminine dressing gals I knew. :-(

And YES, flowing light dresses are so much cooler (neat-wise) and cooler (temp-wise) then skin rubbing/suffocating jeans and pants. :-P

Val said...

So cute! I love that outfit :D

Re: shopping: "unless we go early and get a good cart." ROFL! Too funny; I feel the same way :P

Congrats on the party. I've found dresses much cooler as well. Have a great weekend! :D