August 23, 2007

Chronicles of My Day

Today I woke up around 6:40- my husband had already been paged from work and had been working on his computer. Guess he turned off the alarm because I didn't hear it.

I went to the kitchen and finished getting the pancake batter ready that was soaking overnight. I heated up the griddle and turned on the coffee and starting cooking pancakes.

I realized I did not have any eggs left and needed many today for my bread making...I always forget! My wonderful husband said he would run to the store and get some.

While I was cooking we heard the older girls, so we got them up and they took their vitamins and ate breakfast.

I sat down to eat, and then I heard the baby crying, so I got her up and changed. She was in a grumpy mood, so she sat with me while I ate and stared at everyone.

We got the girls washed up (syrup all over) and pull up changed when Daddy came back with my eggs. We said goodbye and I put Sarah in her highchair to eat her pancakes. It's 8:00am, time for Little Bear. Sarah was instantly in a good mood LOL.

Alexa sat in the recliner with the 'See and Say' toy, Leiah played with the stacking rings toy, and Sarah ate and watched the show. I washed the outside of a trash can I'm going to use as my diaper pail, put a trashbag in it and set it in the hallway by Sarah's room.

Then I sat down to check email and such.

I went to Sarah's room and stripped her bed and started her laundry. I put my laundry from yesterday away, got the girls dressed and made their beds.

Then I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher and printed a different recipe for challah bread from Then I got the girls to the table with their crayons and new books while I made the bread dough. Sarah came in whining so I have her a little snack.

The girls didn't want to stay with the crayons, so I put a Baby Einstein movie in while I got the HUGE pot of lentil-barley soup going. Next I cleaned out the fridge and wiped all the shelves down, finished loading my dishwasher and started it up. I made a pitcher of apple juice (we use the frozen concentrate- saves space) and strained out my kombucha brew. This batch turned out great- tastes like flat coke with less sweetness and more fizz.

Kids are getting hungry and since I have so many things going on in the kitchen I put corndogs and tater tots in the oven. I put 2 quarts of water to boil to make my next batch of kombucha, to which I will add 1 cup of white sugar, 2 black tea bags and 1 herbal peach. After it cools I put it in my large pickle jar with the mushroom to ferment for a week.

Sarah has been fussy and has a bit of fever. Yep, those bad eye teeth are breaking through. I gave her some tylenol and she is resting on the couch watching Oobi. After she eats she will go straight to bed.

So, at 12:30pm Sarah went to take a nap and slept for about four hours. I rested for a bit, because I'm just tired today, especially after working in the kitchen all morning. Then I got to work on shaping my bread. I found a video online that shows how to braid it in the traditional six strand method. I tried it last week and things did not go well, so I was determined to get it right this time. Somehow I managed to get it just right even though my girls were not listening to me very well.

While the braids were proofing I made the girls pick up all the toys and go to nap time. I lay on a pillow on the floor until Leiah goes to sleep, usually 5-10 minutes. If I can get her to sleep, Alexa will usually go to sleep. They were both sound asleep when I shut the door.

So I thought. 15 minutes later I heard some banging on the wall. It was Leiah, our head banger. Alexa woke her up and they were standing on their beds throwing stuff. In my tired state, I was less than amused, and made them lay back down with a firm warning that there was to be no noise coming from their room. They were quiet for awhile, but then shut their door and started playing. Since they weren't yelling and banging I let them alone and laid on the couch for awhile.

I let them get up and started cleaning up my mess in the kitchen. They girls ate a snack and I got Sarah up, still hot with fever. She brought the remote control to me which means "I want to watch Little Bear." Since she isn't feeling well I am humoring her. I started the lentil soup for our supper and let the girls try to color in their books again. This brings us to now, me at the computer and the crayons are scattered ALL OVER! How that happened I do not know...

Next we will clean it all up, I will mix up the dumplings for the lentil-vegetable soup and tidy up the house. I'm going to change into some much nicer clothes and make a list of items I need from the store. After my husband gets home and we get the kids to bed I will go to the store.

My husband called to say he was at the Granary (our health food store) and ask what we needed. The girls ate their soup while I read some more of my Nourishing Traditions book. (there's parts that I still haven't read, like in the raw meat section...) Hubby got home and we ate salad and soup, then Sarah wanted me to hold her, so we went to the living room and rocked while hubby and the girls played and watched some cartoons. Then it was bedtime for the kiddies.

I ran to Wal-Mart because I made a massive amount of soup and forgot that I didn't have anything to store it in. Duh. Anyways, I splurged and bought some Breyers Reeses Peanut butter cup ice cream. I haven't eaten ice cream in forever!

After chatting with a friend and and my husband, I started my dishwasher and am off to bed.

I plan to put pictures up of my bread...I'm so proud :)

**I realize that my kids do watch a good bit of TV, however, that will soon change. So many times I would think to go turn it off, and then something else would call my attention and I would forget. Sarah is really addicted, but she is also good about entertaining herself with books and toys for long periods too. As long as there is a good balance, I don't see a problem.


Thirdtimemomma said...

OO..I hate those I-teeth.

Sounds like you've had a great day...

Are we related? LOL

michelle said...

It sounds like a very productive day!

Anonymous said...

Teething is serious business for those babes! Our little one would get so cranky and out of whack when his eye teeth were coming in.

Thank you for your kind post on Psalm 91. :)

Please post all the recipes from your meal you are planning for the church!

Thanks again!

Thirdtimemomma said...

He He He....Come on down!!! I hear the drives not half bad. :) Depending on what side of ST Louis you are on...

I wish we could have a cage, oops I mean, baby gate. But the olders are just too old for that. The 6yo is so tall she could just hop right over. :) In their defense they werent in the play room today. Usually they have that torn up before 15 min is up!!!