August 26, 2007

My Sunday

Sundays are a busy day for us.

I woke up before 7am- my arms were sore from the painting :( I got up, made some coffee (by the way I drink decaf only) and set out some frozen pancakes I had made earlier in the week. Then I did some computer stuff for a bit.

A little before 8am I drank some coffee and defrosted the pancakes. I got the older girls up- oh yea, Leiah had a poop blowout! It wasn't too bad though. I got their rears cleaned up and at the table to eat pancakes (the overnight soaked ones with bananas mixed in) with good quality maple syrup, bananas and milk. (Horizon whole, that stuff is GOOD!)

I got Sarah and put her in the highchair. She was crabby at first and just stared at her food for awhile, but then started eating. My poor husband got paged for work AGAIN- he's been up and working early every single morning this week. After we all ate, I cleaned up and got the girls in their church dresses. Then I brushed and fixed their hair and let them watch a Praise baby DVD. Hubby was trying to pick out the music for worship, eat, and work on his laptop at the same time. LOL

I went to get dressed and fixed up. Then I started gathering play clothes to change into after church and packing the diaper bag. Dh finally got finished eating and working and went to get dressed. We got everyone in the car and ran out of gas...almost, the light was on. Luckily we live in town and the gas station is pretty close. We were running late too.

We arrive at church, scramble in while everyone is talking to us and giving hugs. We have a very small church with a lot of older people, and they love to give my kids treats, mostly gum. So, as soon as we get in there they take off running for the treats. Sarah usually finds the playroom. I get everyone settled on our pew with my mom and friend, while I go up to my keyboard synthesiser and my husband plays the guitar. We both sing- he leads, I back up. We also have a drummer and another back up singer and today we had a bass guitar player. (we never know who will be there or what kind of musicians we'll have- unfortunately people aren't always reliable) We never get to practice, yet the Holy Spirit guides our fingers and makes it sound good. It is the heart that matters.

Worship and offering time. Then the sermon. Sarah was terribly crabby- I could not get her settled down no matter what. I guess she was just tired or her teeth were hurting. Anyways, it was time to leave- my older two ride with my mom to her house. We're having grilled hamburgers over there.

We change into play clothes and eat lunch. Then we clean up and the girls play outside. (so hot) Sarah went to take a nap. My middle child ran down to my grandmother's house, so after awhile I went over to see how she was doing and they had modeling clay out. (my grandmother is 82 and in great health) So I ended up visiting with her for a couple of hours. I love being with older people, and she took care of me while my mom was working. We are so much alike too!

I can see that everyone is up and playing in the water and on the trampoline so I go back to my mom's. We visit a little while longer and then pack up the car to head home. Then I started some clothes washing and tidying up around the house. I made dinner, if you can call it that- ramen noodles and grape tomatoes. I clean up and get the girls bathed, clip their nails and comb hair. I get all of Leiah's clothes and backpack etc. set out for tomorrow since school is starting.

Bedtime for the girls. I sat down and watched two cooking shows I recorded from Foodnetwork yesterday. Now I'm blogging.

After this, I will put the clothes in the dryer and start another load, do any prep work for breakfast and run the dishwasher, take a bath or shower, get my clothes ready for tomorrow and go to bed. I need to get up early so I can get everyone ready- we're going to take Leiah to her classroom tomorrow, then head to a couple of stores to buy food and stuff for our trip.

Tuesday morning we are leaving for Galveston and will be back some time Friday. Then we'll be working on the mural in the girls' room and visiting some relatives coming in for Labor Day at my grandmother's house. So, I will be absent from blogger world for awhile!


Thirdtimemomma said...

Your Sunday sounds like ours. BUSY!! I guess I didnt realize Leiah was old enough for school. ;) Time flies doesnt it? I cant believe the Chronicles are OVER..

Thirdtimemomma said...

I totally agree that PS has its place. :) I just thought I missed something. :) ITs great the Leiah has the opportunity to learn with teachers that are specialized for her. :)

(I love your Husbands post. That is too sweet and a perfect response.)