August 21, 2007

Up and Coming

I have had a pretty busy day so far. I tried to chronicle my day like Candy last night, but blogger was down and ate my post :(

Hopefully tonight I will able to start a series of posts about a powerful book I recently read. It is based on Psalm 91 and is something every believer should know. It's very exciting.

Oh, and I posted for everyone to see, I got my first 'mean post' from some random person. It's on the first day of my week in feminine dress. Jesus said the world will hate us because of Him. Until later!


Thirdtimemomma said...

Hey I just noticed your quote says some thing about being better than a college degree... I think that is where the negitive poster is coming from. But I dont think you are wrong or something. Just saying. :)

Crystal said...

It's really sad how some people are really inconsiderate of other people. God is our only judge. So if whoever posted that mean comment is reading this, just know that you will be in our prayers.

Hold your head up high. It seems your'e doing a beautiful job of your God given career.


Anonymous said...

Aww...I feel for the person who wrote the comments about dependent breeders and college degree. No doubt a huge load of pain and hurt this person is carrying. We'll continue to pray for healing.

I loved your dress post! I put a dress on today for the first time in a long time - similar to your pink dress. One of my faves. Thanks again for the inspiration!

Anneatheart said...

Oh yeah, duh, I forgot that I had a quote up there about the college degree thing- i couldn't figure out where that came from.

I too have to laugh at her calling me a 'breeder'! Since when does having a few kids make me a breeder, like some type of animal? It's not like I have 12 chitlins yet...

Thirdtimemomma said...

Yet.. that's funny!

"breeder" wouldnt that mean you'd hire in your "husband" for the purpose of procreation and then sell your progeny on ebay? :P